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Artist: MF Grimm
Album:  MF Doom and MF Grimm
Song:   Break 'Em Off
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May, I, kick a little something
To show niggas I can flow and get the party pumpin
May, I, kick a little something
What you gonna break 'em off Grimm a little somethin

Day by day drama
Cats dream about gattin Manhattan Dali Lama
Golden Light I'mma
Pray rain, retreat but come calmer
One time too low, mad flow unibomber
Almost died having me, Thank you to my momma
She named me Percey Carry, that's Universal
Known for showin love and bustin pistols
Street affiliated, graduated, played with plastic
Explosions, exact in fact more drastic
Impact crack scrambled eggs made with autos
Richter scale 7, highway heaven
News at 11, filled yo shoe and ya crew all deaded
Hard like pork rhine, remote swithches
Securin they minds on bitches
Wearing yo shoes and stealing yo riches
Save my life? Those are dead man wishes
Take my life? Sleep with the fishes (????-cy)
Track bassy, cripple devil, verbal level heavens spacy
Retire, emulator
Flow like water, spit fire
Call smoke purple hazing
you half dead, but half man,  half amazing
They whole purse disperse
Got 'em rewritin rhymes, rippin up they verse
Cursin, cause his whole crew head boppin
Catchin attitudes cause, niggas ain't stopping
You shocked? Fuck you expect, Grimm is rockin
Manhattan keep on makin it, got bitches shakin it
Money in circles, 360 rakin it
U N I verse, in God we trust
Drive by's in traffic, high when I bust
Suppressor on nozzle, no one hear us
I love those who sleep, and don't fear us
Have 'em dead at the light, slumped to the right
More we go, you checkin in tonight
Family stressed out, loved ones tight
Goin back to Cali, to take this flight
Love the Big Apple, n I'mma take a bite
Day by day for my, life I fight
To God I pray that, someone might
Hear my skills, hit me with mills
N' pay my bills, so I don't kill
Sittin in prison and I'm facin life
Changed the game, snitches live so trife
Judge actin like I just fucked his wife
In his bed, and drank his wine
And she gave me head so he's givin me time
Inside of here I'm going out my mind
Bouncin off brick walls, sun don't shine
Push ups and chess help me unwind
Cuz I'm in a bind and I can't rewind
So I hit fast forward, hope I get sign
A friendly game of baseball on (??????ine)
My bat had too much tar from pine
Tap umpire jail gave me a fine
30 days in the hole, in the dark I dine
Dreams of bein free and go claim what's mine
Dreams of bein free and go claim what's mine

Repeat Chorus