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Artist: MF Doom
Album:  MF Doom and MF Grimm
Song:   Impostas
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The supervillian versus the golddigger
Doom mild mannered old nigga
Supporter for the daily blues
Reporter for the jewel drop news cop israeli tools

The world renowned master of word game
Who lay low sometime behind iceberg nerd frames
Yo M.F., they heard his name
But just couldn't quite place the rep if they retrace they step
Next step, who to give thanks ta
Realized a pranksta, tried to test a  gangsta
The last guy he saw was a potato
From the lone nado who host his own late show
Keep it low rapper monsta island like seinfeld
White wine clientele connected like mindmeld
I can tell they see they styles as too tricky
And too hicky on this microphone doo hicky
MF Monday through Friday get money
Saturday through Sunday, rhyme Al Bunday
Waitin for this shit to kick in as the plot thicken
He wrote these rhymes in 3-D with red and blue big pen
He took a chicken only ho's who say let me hold him
Take 'em in they mouth while he semi swollen semi colon
I told 'em birds to do a nigga poodle
For not usin his noodle, f up and get bamboozled
He was the one to open to her up, blow her brains back
Dope her up or rope her to the train tracks
Or even choke her til she collapse
Tell the po-po with the word and tell her be good
Need to take a phrase like Peter Piper pick a pepper
And put it where he couldn't peep a sniper sicker repper
Nigga popper, stick a chick proper
Double platter open so opera watchers is gossipers on top of her
I keep forgettin can't go raw anymore
I keep forgettin rappers is impostas
Been a show stopper since a ho hoppa
Nother game second place in a neck and neck race
Til the neck who face who wanna battle bring a neck brace
We supply the insult to injury
Whoever in the industry gettin money is too stingy
Violatin, might as well smoke me loc
Relocatin my break or get caught with the okey doke
It's guaranteed the last step
Step to me with the uzi
Watch that first step it's a doozy
Time flies as the hour glass trickles down
One last thing before I blao this popsicle stand
A rolling stone and that's that at home
On the microphone like that's where he lay his hat at

I keep forgettin (keep makin dough)
I keep forgettin (mad flow MF metalface ho's)
I keep forgettin (actual stacks of shows)
I keep forgettin (worldwide 'cross the globe let the beat ride)