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Artist: MF Grimm
Album:  Special Herbs + Spices Volume One
Song:   10 Years Later
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[Verse 1]
10 years later
I'm blessed and still breathing
But I gotta tell you Jay things are not greater
As you know many more lives are terminated
So even more scars accumulated
Memories engraved deep, not faded
Dead came pass, no Sunday shaded
But I know without you Jay I'd a never made it
10 years later

Thinking about you brother all the time (and I be)
Talking to you most of my rhymes
Things are not better Jay feel me
More scars, more memories (and I be)
Hoping that the babies don't suffer (and I be)
Tell 'em that MF love ya
Clutched in the hands of poverty
More scars, more memories

[Verse 2]
Traveled through the years, jealousy
Became a cancer, to the family
Quest for money divided us
Feels like they forgot you died for us
Feels like God just lied to us
Life on earth is death to us
Not saying I can't be wrong
Just saying about this I feel strong

[Chorus repeats while Grimm continues talking]
To the mighty Subroc
Big Al
K Nit
10 years later
Yves St. Larock
And to all them other ones who left this earth too soon
Rest in peace