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Artist: MF Grimm
Album:  Special Herbs + Spices Volume One
Song:   Bottle Rocket
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[Verse 1]
The Grimm Reaper will reap so don't sleep or make a peep
I'm deep I got a shotty and it pumps like a jeep
As it pump you weep, you're up shits creek
I'm not pumping De La Soul, I'm pumping little creeps
With heaps and heaps of lead, like sheep they're lead
To their deathbed, fed instead of making bread
Then left dead, ripped to shreds, twist and hanging like dreads
I rest heads with bed like Club Med
Get wise, realize that sometimes hypnotize
Emcees who my rhymes and lines that they memorize
Dropkick dipsticks, built like thick sticks and toothpicks
I kick ass, quick and sick like a karate flick
Drop you like a brick you tick
Flame broiled, I either fry the Burger King on mix
Thought you dope but you're shit, you dick I stick
Niggaz up cause I'm a lunatic, my victims are handpicked
You wiped off like lipstick, seasick or homesick
Pretend I'm dead then beat that ass with a broomstick
Say one word and yes your ass I'll chase
That's not gas that's fear in your face
After words no handshake, you soft like cheesecake
Tough like beefsteak but sweet like shortcake
A young star by far that's up to par
No matter who you are, I'll be ready to spar
Cause the mic is a crowbar, my rhymes are solar
Classy like a jaguar, the microphone all-star
Grimm's a die-hard, chill on the boulevard
With my bodyguard, who's big like a saint bernard
It's a war I declare so beware it's unfair
Cause you can't compare gold to silverware

I destroy!
Get the fuck out my path you interfere with me
Go against me nigga, you don't want no deals with me
I destroy!
Get the fuck out my path you interfere with me
Go against me nigga, you don't want no deals with me
I destroy!
Get the fuck out my path you interfere with me
Go against me nigga, you don't want no deals with me

[Verse 2]
Souls are dead to my demented sentences
Relentless pain, no Novocain I drill like a dentist
Couldn't prevent this, hard like cement tape
Musical weight, leave you hanging like drapes
I crush microphones like they were grapes
On tour, I make a lotta papes
But the words you heard I mend designed and shape
I bent this track, sent this wack apprentice
Ass right back, to the drawing board
He was a joke to the rhyme overlord overlord overlord
So catch the wave like coke, I just float like a surfboard
Stomp in the streets, I tear up clubs
You reach for the mic and I leave you with nubs
I fry brain cells like a bag of chips
When the rapper try to flip or even give me lip
Catch me at my maddest, that's when I write my baddest shit
Then I lock like a pick
On the paper, sick 'em, another victim
For the musical raper, rhyme ripper
Style stripper, nine hipper
Sharp like a nail clipper
I'm bigger than both of the dippers
In very dapper, I'll go deeper than flipper
But when it come to rappers rappers rappers
Huh, y'all just little whipper snappers
So what up, what up, punk shut up!
Or get your jaw broke like Razor Ruddock
Aw shit, I'm at it again
Chasing motherfuckers like I'm Rin Tin Tin
The final chapter no more laughter
As I bomb your ass just like the day after
No nuclear warheads cause instead
All rhymes are launched by the kid who's fed
We're infrared to pinpoint the joint
Or the place of the person I chase face
So walk and don't try to talk
When I snub the stalk
I don't discriminate, Grimm Reaper hates
All emcees who grab the microphone
Yes I dislike them whether they're friend or foe
So yo, I start to throw deadly body blows
Eight punch combos I turn stars into John Does
So if you see me at a show you better G-O
And tiptoe your ass out the fucking door
I film my shows with a handy-cam
Before I go on I sip some brandy and
Sprinkle sweet rhymes like the candyman
And I cripple emcees, I make 'em handyman
I destroy
Get the fuck out my path