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Artist: MF Grimm
Album:  Special Herbs + Spices Volume One
Song:   Stress Box
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[Verse 1]
Calling talking 'bout I'm mad at you
How I think I'm better than you
On the Island of Monsters, wish I stayed
Together a move is supposed to be made
Moves made with you don't get me paid
Moves made with you only get me played
I'm in my own world so leave me alone
Don't have time to sit on the phone
If you're really my friend, when we speak we speak
Not bad mouth me cause I ain't called in a week
Total concentration is on my spine
Chit chat has its place in time
Broke long enough so I choose to switch
Become filthy rich before I leave this bitch
After hearing this if you don't understand
Then I guess you never was my man

MF you don't call no more
Nigga why?
MF you don't call no more
Nigga why?
MF you don't call no more
Nigga why?
MF you don't call no more
Nigga why?

[Verse 2]
My concentration's not on the one who shot at me
I'm wondering if I can take the pieces that fell outta me
Stick 'em back inside of me, tie a knot in me
Regenerate anatomy, damaged arteries gotta be
A way to shape my life like pottery
As God welcomed me back like Kotter be
Comas, angels shout at me
Humans never learn, when will you learn?
Telling me how they despise man from junk
Knew we cause mischief in the land
And I wish, God never made us
Found it so odd that He made us
Selfish, killing prophets that come save us
Death wish apocalypse, now God a slay us
Hell, burns at different degrees
Optional equate temperature, even freeze
All that's vain will be defeated
God told me to be seated
Scriptures read it, history repeated
Fulfill prophecies, wills needed
Millennium cyborgs drink lithium
Cranium, brain silicon, skull titanium
Spiritually, no forensics
Made through cybernetics
Programmed to absorb phonetics
But truly could never feel semantics
Cyborgs revealed by antics
Earth eye the morbid, man go frantic
Prophecies of floods now Atlantis
Water paint based smear the canvas

The picture's fucked up
You to get it?
The picture's fucked up