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Artist: MF Grimm
Album:  Special Herbs + Spices Volume One
Song:   Superhero
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(He is a super) hero
Jet Jaguar's a Superhero
Jet Jaguar's a Superhero
Jet Jaguar's a Superhero
Jet Jaguar's a Superhero
Jet Jaguar's a Superhero

[Verse 1]
Here to save rap
Always working on new flows
Not the same crap
Operation Doomsday, the day after mission
Hot to death, iron chef, vocals in the kitchen
The world wants to know how we follow up a classic
Did we lose our hunger, do we have the magic?
Day By Day, Metal Face together yes we built this
Now it's double homicide because again we killed this
MF DOOM and MF Grimm
Put 'em back together and you can't win
Cause it can't lose, so what the hell
While others choose to rock 'em, we kill you with bells
I'll resurrect you with some special herbs
Or we're hurting verbs with some special words
Punks think they're gangsta but they're really herbs
Cause when they empty a clip it'll test your nerves
Gangsta keep a straight face you start to swerve
All that street shit change you're on the curve
Hollering like a bitch, what happened to the hard talk?
Street shit is gone now you're driving on the sidewalk
Destiny is moving looking at you funny
They see you we're drivin in the streets for the money
Lost your respect now your face you try to hide
We refuse to stop and let you slide
I know this is eating you up inside
Day By Day distribution now worldwide
No longer honorable, you're a fucking crook
You better get new guidance, your manager is shook
Hiding behind cell phones and emails
He's a little bitch, between his legs is his tail
Three years ago I left that's a fact
But now I came back to save rap!