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Artist: Monsta Island Czars
Album:  Escape from Monster Island
Song:   Sumthin to Prove (RODAN)
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"It's Rodan
The attack started at 11 o'clock
And now he has destroyed  everything in the city.
Leaders have called out their defenses.
There's no doubt...this is the same Rodan who comes from Monster Island."

Fuck the intro 
Yo keep crowds hailing me like a taxi
Learned that it's more to life
Than bustin gats B
How the fuck you gonna blast 
You's a laugh like Andy Kaufman
Reading from the Great Gatsby relax G
Get gassed up let your lungs collapse B
Collect my whole gross income
Cuz my galactic rap status is tax-free
Wiley coyote rhymers cop your wack raps from the factory at acme
Just the facts B
Urban dragnet supreme architects
Servin Dialect
Bell curve side effect
Caucus asian latter years
Coconut almond spiced bacardi dark
No taste for flatter beers
Frontin with your mouth open
Let me empty out my bladder here
Blowin like John Faddis
Atomic air traffic blackin out your stratosphere
Off the top of the locker 
Cleats on the mic, kickin flows, ballin like soccer
Slow niggas ramblin on and on incoherently like Chewbacca
Used to be on the block corner snow rock betty crocker
Chrome showin dome glowin blowin
Jewels growin out the side of my crown chakra
U a killa gorilla or a babbling baboon?
Part time wack rhyming no bottom line circus rappin buffoon 
on some pop shit like a balloon
Carrots paper quest to stay fresh
Stuck in the gay lifestyle switchin like mae west
Wise winds from the East squeezing at the beast and stray wests
Gods locked down do the science and let the day bless
In jail ain't nothing to do but 
Work out, jerk off, go to war, play chess
What's your degree?
Cop a plea, change your story like the weatherman?
Whatever man, you ain't fly like Rodan, 
U fly like peter pan 
Then never, never land
Move mountains in telekinetic mode 
Skate the straight and narrow 
Floating over your pathetic road
Rhymes written in genetic codes
Flightpope Ro perched atop
Five pillars of Hip Hop
Aesthetic soul

"That's Bad Man, that is bad, bad, bad. He ain't never done, that been never 
done on a record before.  That's bad brother, that is bad...let me...believe me!"

Yo Peace
While I rest in this pigeon whose back I'm diggin
Til judgment day I be my own Lord
Self-Preservation be my religion
Fly in the fastest lane chosen
Wings protected like safe sex in a latex Trojan
Skiing uptown'll leave your brain frozen
Gat explosion leave warm blood flowin
Internal organs exposing
Correlation to the cosmos
Urban legends up the block
Street theologians
Headline a bill throw a jewel at your grill
Black steel bring the heat like military fire drills
Drop a bombshell for real
Units move half a mil
With or without a record deal
Still give these crab industry en vogue muthafuckas
Something they could feel
Aviator wristwear elevator textiles
Imported Timberlands from Switzerland
Scuffing up your reptiles
Niggas ain't my Sun, Gods treat you like a stepchild
Take your booty wack sex style flush it in the cess pile
Marathon lyrics corny critics can't run the next mile
Abandoned outcasts and exile
Never seen again, tossed or lost into the X-Files
Sold luther that 9 milli luger attack the mic
Like a cougar geeked up
Got phony thugs scared to speak up
Make a niggas balls freeze up
Lay parallel to concrete sprayin caps
Tearing your knees up
2000 years we reappear
Change the earthly worldly ways
Ancient of days 
Come to show the blind god 
In the form of a man
That is worthy of praise
Investigate doctrines 
High awareness through my lifetime
Social issues that incite crimes
Make a generation of scholars live 
Existence between the white lines
No more sniffin sayin fuck a 9 to 5
Now all I do is fuck and write rhymes
DJs scratch the wax like shaved balls
Rabblerouse the pop dog like rebel slave calls
Navigate the southern state like maze halls
Chain shinin medallion swingin like stalactites on cave walls
Bounce the rhythm like a tambourine
Step up on the scene with a monster theme and a third world dream
Impale bubblegum rap stars on microphones infected with gangrene
Deconstruct contemporary pop culture to reinvent my own mainstream

"Yeah, brotha, I tell you brothaman.  What you got there, you know what? We got a 
thing...u know what?"

Yo my name was Rodan before the wack Godzilla blockbuster
My name was Rodan before stellar dust collected into the first star cluster
Set up shop at the pearly gates 
Move a ounce while defending 'em
Cherubim on the Mic
Lyrically descended from Big Daddy Kane and Rakim & 'em
Golden age legacy platinum writer
A new era second millennium 
Triple CD blazin up like three flavas of tropical weeds 
When you blendin 'em
Connect ghetto slums to heavens 
Turn opposites to synonyms 
Bend grammar like anti-matter 
Distort the space-time rhyme continuum
5% rhetorical
Prophecies like a oracle
Bad luck to MCs like a kennedy
Reach across infinity
Reestablish my divinity
Between me and the eternally great enmity
Imagine a natural born enemy befriending me?
Offendin me with what you pretend to be
How the fuck you a killa with blatant homosexual tendencies?

"That is unbelievable.  That is unbelievable man.  That's bad there!
That's sho nuff bad there bro, you off into that one bro. I went through the 
zone man, that's it, that's all I done. Now that's what's happening! That's 
gonna be the bad one...>"