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Artist: MidaZ the Beast
Album:  Loops
Song:   All My Love
Typed by: @MidaZ

disinterested in class
not worried bout no ass neither
all because of music
and its hold on me
I caught the sickness thats brass fever
plus addicted to rap
seems ta
take attention from
whomever that needs ya
hard to enjoy the reefer when I'd just write on the rolling papers
was gassed for features
would do em for free for any takers
many tape decks wrecked
vexed its like a person died
leaving the lab was sad
my heart would almost burst inside
then I met nemo
now heres a kindred spirit
malignant lyrics
over stupid instrumental minutes
kept me so up in it didn't it
ready to risk it
piss it all away to get it
just another day with written
as my way of living
and there was nothing to change that vision
years later
locked in the laboratory
working on my oratory
former glory gone
Its gory
every words a horror story
as a child was all of forty
It wasnt fair
you brought me here
you said the fans adore me
at least they should
and if they could
Im sure they would
but sorry
Its not realistic huh
my plans was idealistic huh
the train I missed it huh
so now I'm in this prison huh
messed up position
where I'm praising music like allah
nobodies listening
and if they are they ain't listening hard
my name is midaz
I'm sorry for that
I'll fix ya car
no problem