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Artist: MidaZ the Beast
Album:  Loops
Song:   Me and My Bitch 2011
Typed by: @MidaZ

outtie in the audi whip
the tires on denalis slick
one hand steering wheel gripped
bitch with pouty lips
hangin out the sunroof
pouring champagne on the windshield
Im loose off goose
plus the thrill of the heist
a year ago
we decided
living our life
paled in comparison to living the life
we was doing alright
but watching mtv cribs
and celebrity homes
Im asking her
you see this shit
she was ready to bone
naked on the futon
lipstick with boots on
tryna get my dick stiff
playing Janet Jackson 93 shit
anytime anyplace
I couldn't concentrate
my mind was on a bigger place
shrimp, premium lobster on the dinner plate
baby remember how bad you wanted to renovate
listen here
do the knowledge to this
I been plotting for weeks on a plan for getting us rich
all I need is your cooperation a stolen whip
fifty dollars used for fake depositing
a grip on the security measures
(what you talking about)
the bank bitch
I'm tryna rob the bank
like in I almost got away with it
but we wont make mistakes
I'm on my A game
we opened an acct. at the bank
under fake names
jeffery and Persephone drake
studied the habits of the cops there and workers
making deposits
using they card to purchase
the items we would need
we became regulars
they respected us
to the point police wasnt inspecting us
they wasnt expecting us to hit em
security deposit box plot was the mission
opened one
started using it fairly consistent
did the knowledge to how the wall of boxes failed to fit in
the corner where the two boxes met was a deadspot
I was sure I could hide there and not get caught
they kept it closed on the weekend
so if I sneak in I sleep in
started putting weird shit in my box
bottled water a tool that could pop locks
plus some extra shit I started hiding in the ceiling
a setup for the day when we would cast out and reel in
It was a friday
we walked in together
no one looking my way
talked to the teller
told her I'm tryna get inside my box
she let me in
then asked my wife about her reeboks
they started the chit chat
my wife kept it interesting
I climbed into the dead spot with ninja speed
ten minutes pass
she got her gassed
and laughs
how the hell my husband move so fast
gave the teller the key
said she got it from me
when I walked out behind her
and she didn't notice
she bounced I'm locked in
slight grin
when they closed
started poppin the locks
on some everything goes
then sunday night thats when ya boy changed clothes
when they opened on monday
I walked out slow
looking like the electrical worker they had hired
to work on restructuring alarm wires
tool bag with loot out the front door to boot
with my bitch in the whip looking cute