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Artist: MidaZ the Beast
Album:  Loops
Song:   Passin By
Typed by: @MidaZ

passing by her
I'm looking at my sneakers
I'd classify her
as fire
the mastermind who designed her
must have the eye of a tiger
cause everytime I go by her
It's like my deepest desires make me weaker

walking pass her
I start to walking faster
the kind of woman that you should talk to pastor after passing
to ask her
anything after saying hello
Is actually asinine to me
half my spine turn to jello

turning heads by the gathering
got me smitten as living as christian
with Mary Magdalen
wishing to kiss her
but knowing she'll notice that I'm shivering
got me quivering
she'll laugh at my flat attempts at chivalry

once I'm passed her I'm so relieved
I could fracture both of my knees
from a tractor rolling thru me
and still id be smiling so wide
there'd be jealously due from cheese
there's no evergreens losing leaves
cause I'm more afraid of me feeling too much

If I go in I have to go in
she don't strike as the type thats unknowing
of where she's going
to call her pretty isn't giving the proper recognition to her
ms elusive the tectonic plate shifter mover

mustering up the courage is flustering
wonder if theres enough of me to per sue her
to lose her'd be such a crush to me
lust can be such tough disease
just a look to me
prolly be good to me I could touch the trees

yeah she noticed me I can sense it
Its a feeling to powerful to mention with a sentence
secretly been in love with her long as I can remember
I see her every saturday at the gallaria center

now she's asking me what my name is
I'm feeling famous I tell her
any flowers you've got from admirers I'm the seller
loving you from afar for years so afraid of rejection
I kept it hidden inside until now I ready to spread it

she tells me she's flattered
and gives me credit
tells me something this sweet hasn't happened to her in forever
but - no only is she taken she's engaged
and the man she plans to marry's working hard to earn his wage
and if id approached her any moment earlier than this stage
I'd have a chance
but as it stands we'll be going our separate ways

and I was afraid of feeling too much