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Artist: MidaZ the Beast
Album:  Loops
Song:   President
Typed by: @MidaZ

eh yo I'm trapped inside a cage
where there's different living conditions everyday
there's hidden surveillance camera's thats watching where I stay
plus secret service security
be chilling round my way
and the reason all revolves around they fear what I could say
see I'm a revolutionary nigga thats young
a reincarnated huey p newton on drums
I try to see chips they put my paper chase on stun
so that the money never makes it to the place I'm from
thats why its time to reestablish
the original black asiatic
so we make sure his relevance lives
because the way things is going
look at what bet is showing
we shoulda walked archipelago's bridge
been the first on new soil to see the birth of some kids
Instead we chose to sell our own to the devils in wigs
now what's my last name
now trace my ancestry
and the search gets harder
the further back you go
dunn I'm sure its not the same
how the fuck I'm s'posed to find out
the records with the facts have been burned
or either lied about
so I'm adhering to the method thats too
remain the realest motherfucker
thats respected as true
elevate my thoughts beyond the evidence proved
because the shit'll never change until the presidents you

yes my people trapped in torture racks
from narcissist luger
so I try to bring the culture back like aaron mcgruder
I use whats ultimately there in computers
to reaffirm
that we been silenced kid
virused by some germs
that we ain't see
bloodsuckers leeching the shit
while public schools ain't teaching us shit
they socially pass us
when we ain't ready
and if we are they harass us
till dammit we ain't ready to pay attention in classes
I'm not waging war against the whites but the masses
cause there's niggaz who play other better than actors
the prince is just that
among brothers I tip my glasses
so we can co author a plan to fix the atlas
africans treated like savages
racially profiled while tryna purchase a game from babbages
there's no love inside the cabbages of powers that be
Its hard to view their reptilian form the owls can see
given the wind don't change direction we can follow the breeze
and track the vapor trail they leave through the foliage leaves
but when we catch them there's no one to show the evidence too
because nobody gives a fuck unless the presidents you