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Artist: Migos & Rich The Kid f/ Jose Guapo, Tray1, Domingo, Migo Jerz, 
	Johnny Cinco, YRN Lingo, Skippa Da Flippa
Album:  Streets On Lock 4 (Mixtape)
Song:   Streets Need Us (Outro)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

They call us young rich niggas, for a reason
They told me leave the bando, it ain't that easy
Hot boy, but my jewelry out the freezer
They try to take us from the streets, the streets they need us

[Takeoff & Jose Guapo]
They bust my trap one more time, moving my trap to Geneva
Face card A1 no steak sauce, no passport need no Visa
We fuck up Neiman Marcus then we spend a stack on sneakers
Shoot him in his face, he gonna' wish that he had Jesus

They looking at me cause' they never seen money
Pull up in a Beamer with a onion
All Benjamins, blue hundreds
Came off the porch, I was wrapping mummies
Al Capone, meet the Tommy
Safe house, cross the country
Bugs Bunny got the bando jumping
Straight out the jungle Giuseppe Jumanji

[Jose Guapo]
Hop out the water, and dressing in lake
I'm talking in numbers, I ain't here for conversation
Put some ice on my neck and put some ice on my Bezel
Hop out the whip with the mask like I'm Jason
I walk where I want with the strap on my hip
I got the molly sack I'm in when I dip
I serve you some gas call that a Quick Trip
Hit a bag for a show nigga that's a quick flip

Tray 1 got a bankroll
I'm cooking up crack rock casserole
I got your unc in the finger fold
He went from hustling to smoking blows
Now that shit be a damn shame
I got a hit blame it on Cocaine
Cocaine classes, coming out the rap
I swear to God Tray1 ain't just rapping

[Migo Domingo]
Yeah Migo go get him
Fuck the club up, fuck everybody with him
Too many bullets came missin'
I got a extra 30 shots in my Balmain denims
Whole team got racks
We a solid foundation, we just leave you with the sacks
Backwoods ain't fat
And that's a cut pint, nigga that's a motherfucking fact

[Migo Jerz]
Migo Jerz
And I'm still on the curb
I'm a take his ass if you give me the word
Take poured up so my words real slurred
If you want a.5 then you ain't getting served
YRN on my neck for life
North side OG been earned my stripes
Fuck with the Migos, you gone' pay the price
I'm in the trap with a Backwood shooting dice

[Johnny Cinco]
Sipping on lean but I'm gripping the Rifa
Young nigga I got more stripes than Adidas
Smile like a cheetah
I'm at the stables she work at the [?]
Running 10k for a Visa
Fuck her I leave her
I'm a rich nigga, I pull up in creature
Young nigga ball like a preacher

[YRN Lingo]
Young nigga stay with the strap
Fuck up my check, I'm a get it right back
My niggas so crazy and that is a fact
Bitches want to hate me because of the fame
I never would trust them because they the same
Creeping through the night like Bruce Wayne
My money in my pocket gone' stay the same

[Skippa Da Flippa]
Skippa da Flippa's the killer
The trap always gone' need me, I am the best dealer
I drop back a lil' one, I bet you gone' feel her
Dab on a nigga, whole nigga in a chinchilla
Old school McGrady, I stay with the Rocket
I got the cannon, make you pop, lock, and drop it
You talk about blue hundreds, that is my topic
You sipping karo need to stop

They call us young rich niggas, for a reason
They told me leave the bando, it ain't that easy
Hot boy, but my jewelry out the freezer
They try to take us away from the streets, the streets they need us