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Artist: Miilkbone
Album:  U Got Miilk?
Song:   Enemy of State
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

D-d-ding dong, followed by these thunderous knocks
I put the cash in the drawer and put the blunts in a box
Hid the pots turnin coke into rocks under my dresser
Sprayed the air freshener, weed scent's lesser
And then I heard a voice, it's Mike bustin my locks
Runnin and gunnin from cops - I traded a hundred of shots
So what the fuck you bring 'em here for?  You never got caught
- My car wouldn't steer no more, this bitch stopped short
So what you do? - I'll tell you later
Tell me now - I'll tell you later
Tell me now! - C'mon dawg, put me on this elevator
I lit the fat one, why yawn at four in the mornin
Freestyled, watched videos, and now it's gettin borin
He passed out on my bed, his neck's on the tilt
Put the pillow on his face and I covered him with a quilt
I slept for like a hour, woke up took a shower
I never sleep long when my peoples under power
Grabbed the phone to let my girl know I might be comin late
And tell her 'bout Mike so she don't think I had a date
What the fuck, phone dead, I left my cell in the car
I got dressed, top gear, you can tell I'm a star
Mike's already gone he left me a letter, like I'm a lover
I'm more like his brother, it's a "Dear Motherfucker"
- When you asked me last night what happened I didn't tell you
- Look at your front door and see the package that I mailed you
The next couple lines were covered with blood
Couldn't really tell what they said but I knew somethin was up
I checked for my stash, I knew he took that
Took gats, grabbed my nine, and never looked back
Ran to my door, saw bloody hands on the floor
Picked the letter up again, I knew there had to be more
Told me - Everything you do comes back and comes worse
Said - I knew about you and my wife and that hurts
So what you do? - I did yo' wife, did her life
- And you act like Rambo, so I did it wit your knife
- I'm in the park, one o'clock, wanna talk?  Meet me there
- Don't cry, here's some of girl's greasy hair
Dropped the letter, kicked the hand from the door, wipin my tears
I'm hoppin inside of my ride, fightin my fears
Another note is taped to the wheel of my whip
It said - You used to be my dawg and this is realer than shit
And now I'm back out my driveway and head to my wife's
Imagine all the times that she probably begged for her life
Now I press the gas harder then I ride to the house
She ain't home, grab the glock that I'ma slide in his mouth
Back on the road, beepin and she ain't callin back
And now I'm gettin scared cause she ain't callin back
Forget she's tied down, maybe she tied up
That was a fake hand, thought about an L to fire up
Back in my crib, the hand and all the letters are gone
The rug's kinda wet, what the hell am I steppin on?
The smell's funny, must be somethin leakin, out the window I'm peekin
I see cop cars speedin up, screechin
They kick in the door, threw me down to the floor
Under my bed I see my baby girl chopped up in 4's
The cat framed me, the cops blamed me
What goes around comes around bay-bay