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Artist: Korn f/ Ice Cube
Album:  Follow the Leader
Song:   Children of the Korn
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(I)- Ice Cube
(J)- Jonathan Davis from KoRn

(I)- Attention all parents, report to your local therapist
report to your local Church, report to your local Police Department
i'ts going down...
(J)- Glaring into my sons eyes reveals a pain
I felt her in the day
(I)- Insanity
(J)- It was all about the pussy, if you can get it
a little girl like me never fucking liked it
(I)- We ain't taking no more, We ain't taking no more, Go!
(J)- So save me(stop fucking with me), my eyes,(stop fucking with me) 
and the children are (stop fucking with me)born
You feel it through me(stop fucking with me)my eyes(stop fucking with 
me)you're the children of the KoRn...
(I)- Sparking skunk in the alley makin noise with the double pump
Bring your boys to the party we can double up
Double rowdy, double 'bout it, hard core T & A, fucking bitches major
Catch me if you can
Fuck the law with my dick in my hand, we coming through
Generation triple X, we all about the weed smoke and the kinky sex
Nigga what? 
(J)-So save me (yeah) my eyes, and the children are born
You(stop fucking with me) feel it through me(stop fucking with me), my 
Eyes(stop fucking with me) we're the children of the(stop fucking with 
Me) KoRn...
Cold a bag my life, then I got it so bored, its so pretty like me
(I)- Insanity 
(J)- go figure, once a fag, now a player,
Baptized and born, I'm the children of the KoRn
(I)- (children of the korn,(2x))
I'm the first born
Fuck authority, hit your ass in the head with my forty
You're gonna see more of me after school
You better run to your car
Class clown already know I'm a star
The children of the KoRn was born 
>From your porn ass twisted ass ways
Now you look amazed I'm sittin in a daze
In a purple haze you'd better check my pulse,
Cuz nothing seems to phaze, Bitch!
(J)-Boom bap boom boom boom bap(4x)
(I)- Children of the KoRn chidren of the KoRn, Yay-eeh-ay-ee!(2x) 
(J)- Look and see I feel the parents hating me
(I)-(hurtin me, you hurtin me)
(J)- why do'nt you step outside, and feel me
(I)- (Feel me feel me)
How you gonna tell me where to skate, who to date
How to fuck, how to kiss, who to love, who to dis
How to live, what it is, somethings got to give
Parents or the kids, it won't be the kids, It won't be the kids
We're talking shit cuz life is a bitch, you know it is
Everybody's tring to get rich, god damn 
All i wanna do is live(9x) 
(J)- All i want to do(3x)
is Live
(I)- Stop fucking with me, Beatch!