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Artist: Tracie Spencer f/ The Roots
Album:  It's All About You (Not About Me) 12"
Song:   It's All About You (Not About Me)(remix)
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[Tracie]: (Black Thought):
(Uh, uh, uh, uh, say what, uh, what, what, what, yeah)
Hmmm, oh yeah,
(Uh, what, yeah, come on, yo it's not about me, it's about you girl)
(It's all about)

When we first met
You stole my heart away
Your love was incredible
Then you began to change
Made me feel special
Now all you do is make me cry
Gave you my everything baby
All you gave me was lies

1 -     [Tracie]:
        I, I try to be the one for you, boo
        Matter nothing what I do
        So I'm leaving
        It's all about you
        And not about me

Repeat 1

When we get in a fight
I'm be the first to apologize
Even if it was you who did wrong
Can't please you, can't go on
No matter what I do for you
It's never any good for you
Why you got to complain, it's insane
I can't stay

Repeat 1 (2x)

[Black Thought]:
Oh I see you got the Samsonite set out
For what to jet out?
What you can't take it no more
So you got to get out
Your back broke from that last straw
Oh you on the next plane out
Head games making it hard to maintain
Got a hypocritical love doing the same thing
Situation Kool and the Gang
To bursting in flames
And how relationships change
Worse than the pain for really
Your attitude kill me
Look at you in the doorway
Trying to ice grill me
Your heavy heart hurting
From trying to not feel me
Come in girl and put your suitcase down
We'll work it out as soon as I'm back from out of town
For now just stick around
I'll reach out from the airport
Soon as I hit the ground
Let's try to stay afloat in this sand
And not drown love
I know the time, I hear you calling out for real
You got to realize US is what is's all about

Repeat 1 (6x)

I, I, do, do...