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Artist: Mya f/ Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott
Album:  Mya
Song:   Bye Bye
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Tell me what the issue, all up in the booty like tissue
Could it be Missy ohh so vicious, make you so suspicious
I been known to beat them bitches wit them switches
If you wana roll wit them sissy, you can't roll wit Missy
I'mam kiss ya on ya cookie, show them pussy I'm the rookie
Sleep while ya homeboys book me
Is you mad cause I'm tookin', got you you shookin'

[Mya: Verse 1]
You think you slick
You tried to play a dirty trick on this heart of mine
You thought I was blind
You took your pick
Between this other girl and me, she was a friend of mine
I got your uhh this time

Don't you come here talkin' that bull shhh to me
I ain't the one you see

Tears in ya eyes , on way for your chance to lie
Now give ya ??? , ohhhh weee

So get up out my face

[Mya: Chorus]
Go a head and cry, bye bye
You had a chance to survive
Got you hurtin in side
You shouldn't never lied, bye bye
You shouldn't kept, you shouldn't kept that trick on the side

[Mya: Verse 2]
You think bad
You lost the only love you had looking for someone
That you can uhh for fun
Why stay wit me
If what you you what to do is pay
Take some tick somewhere, and keep your hoe uhh there

repeat 1x

repeat 1 x

[Rap: Missy]
All you had to do is ask me, nasty, lasting
Won't quite until the sun sit read my lips
I like to know who that bitch in the flick
Who you cheesin' wit I'm bout it flip
Know what I'll  do if I drink a brew
Miller Brew kick 1-2 kung fu
You and your boo
The worse thing you could ever do
Is have a chick on side
Riiight, truuuuuu