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Artist: Lil' Mo f/ Missy Elliott, Naam
Album:  Based on a True Story
Song:   Club 2G
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[Intro - Naam]
Ay yo, my man
You gon' have to back up
If you don't back up
Ain't nobody gettin' in here
We 'bout to shut the doors down
Back it up, back it up right now
Ay look, I need two lines
We got to form two lines or nobody's gettin' in
And there'll be no pushin', and no shovin'
Two lines, ladies on this side
Males on this side

[Lil' Mo]
We up in this piece, as if it were the last time
Club year 2G, where we party like it's '99
Yo, it's off the heez
Everybody tryin' to get inside
Yo, it's not about beef
Cuz we gon' tear the club up

1 - [Lil' Mo]
(Ladies) Up in this club, a nigga will buy you drinks
(Fellas) Up in this club, girls don't stick guys for free
(Everybody) Up in this club, it could be hats, Timbers and jeans

[Missy Elliott]
Westside, throw it up
C'mon, c'mon
Eastside, show some love
C'mon, c'mon

[Lil' Mo]
Yo, where's my peeps?
Cuz it's 1:15, and on the scene
We're V.I.P., and Chrystal is flowin' like a stream
Now it's time to leave
Cuz we all ready to be out now
Now it's time to meet Laurie and them at the waffle house

Repeat 1

[Lil' Mo]
If you ain't come with nobody
You can still leave with somebody
And we top off whatever
You know it's that type of party
Even if you think you ain't flossin'
Your car may not be the hottest
There's somethin' 'bout love, don't ya hear me
Everybody got all night to party

See you sittin' at the bar, and I'ma send a bottle down
Swallow down, a little liquor and livin'
It is fully shit I'm spittin' to women, ahem
Alcohol, gettin' it in 'em, soon as I approach 'em
My niggaz, I coach 'em, show 'em how a Don do
True ???? bitch, I'll find you
Out the bar, shit I got paper to blow
In case you ain't know, you dealin' with Naam and Lil' Mo, uh oh

She makin' me hot, them lips and her thong print, uh
We all at the bar, and we all bent
Listen here, I'm lovin' the smell from your Cartier
Let me holla somethin' in your ear
If you lookin' for a little more than a one night stand
Then I don't really think Sunny Black's the man
Forget your man, baby we can make new plans
If your heart's broke, I can fix it with my bare hands
2G baby!

[Lil' Mo]
To my peoples up north, where you at?
To my peoples down south, I know you feelin' that
To my folks out west, throw it up
To my peoples in the east, show some love
To my people all over the world
Tear the roof off, it's about to burn (burn, baby, burn)
Cuz we gon' bawitdaba, da bang da bang
Diggy to up jumps the boogie, to the bang, bang, boogie da B

Repeat 1 to fade

[Missy Elliott]
Westside, throw it up
C'mon, c'mon
Eastside, show some love
C'mon, c'mon