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Artist: Total f/ Missy Elliott, Mocha
Album:  Kima Keisha and Pam
Song:   Do Something
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Love I owe you none
You a foney son
You ain't the only one
You a lonely one
What I ain't tryin' to do, is lie to you
Go find a clue, no time for you
Won't beep you or see you, don't need you
I could creep too
How I leanred, peeped you
Don't know what we do, we ain't people
Don't wanna cheat you
But catch you when I see you

[Keisha] (Missy)
The way he kissed my lips (yeah)
He got me wet in my pants (yeah) mmmmmm
He made my whole body start, to do something
Was this a sign of a true man (oooh oooh ooh ooh)
He began to dig me out (hey), out
He began to give me his all (give me his all)
When he began to go downtown, and do something
That's when his girlfriend called
And she was mad as a bitch and she said

[Chorus - Missy Elliott]
I know my man is there
You best to put him on the phone
Cause I'm out in your frontyard
And I'm very pissed off
Let me tell you now, you best to send him out
And tell him that I'm upset
Put my man on the phone
Or this you will regret

The way he touched my back (yeah) my back
Felt like I had a heart-attack (yeah) oh whoa whoa whoa
The way he walked and licked his lips
It did something
I was on it like that (oooooh) yeah yeah yeah yeah
He liked to lick my face (yeah, my face)
So I had to give him lot's of space (yeah) yeah mmm
Just when he began to give me his all
That's when his girlfriend called
And she was mad as a bitch and she said

[Repeat Chorus]

Uh uh uh uh
Yo, feel this babe
You worried, so you're bills get paid
While everyday, I'm makin' sure that this mill get made
The car you flip yea ball, ain't even paid for
Me, I got that title
So I can keep either trade or
Cop another
And for hatin', you gon' stay poor
Ain't sure, suspect chicks you stay with way more
Can't test me, keep my name off ya guestlist
We gettin' bent
Like the 'L' in Lexus

[Kima] (Mocha)
I had it (what, GoldMine)
Too many lies (and Bad Boy, and Mocha)
Now you beggin' (Total)
Just to be mine's
But I caught ya
Times before
Now you sorry
What you do it for

[Repeat Chorus x2]