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Artist: Jody Watley f/ Rakim
Album:  Larger Than Life
Song:   Friends
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[Jody Watley]
Have you ever been standing around, 
by someone you thought was really cool,
Did steal your love or was it money, or was it lies they told, 
Strangers just disguised as your friends, 
never again, cause now you know, that..

Friends will let you down,
Friends won't be around,
You need them most where are your friends
Friends are hard to find, friends yours and mine
I'm talking about your friends

[Jody Watley]
Smiles they have behind, never knew what's on their mind, 
could be truly  deception,
Jealousy and envy reign, never want to see get ahead, 
they just hold you back


Friends are hard to find so be careful, 
You'll get fried at the end to the mind and prepare you,
It's some may doubt that, but one might back-stab,
To get the fake tips of one might have,
Fight with hands and feet, lead the people who need you, 
For those who hold you back and mislead you, 
To be a leader don't get lead on or leaded, 
For those erection a dead-ends next end, 
Use a detour, life's like a seesaw 
ups and downs and I bet they'll be more, 
Pot holes and obstacles, in a path that's righteous, 
At times you need a hand to fight this, 
Way of life, straighten up take the according to place in, 
And don't you act two-faced in, 
Cause jealousy and envy and you still act friendly, 
You'll be fried at the end when you pretend to be


Used to kiss me, tell me you missed me, 
But now you try glaze me, play me, and dis me,
I'm wide-awake, ready to break so we'd argue, 
What happened to the kisses and why how are you?,
Forgot about the times when I rhymed when I bathed you,  
Rings was the only little things that I gave you,
Still ain't thankful, you're still complaining, 
Used to be a quiet storm but now it's raining,
Quality ever, I'm thinking whether, 
We should be friends let it end, is it better, 
To forgive or remember, your bodies tender, 
The vibes that I send her makes her surrender, 
The physical capture, caught in a rapture, no woman can't match her, 
So when I'm looking at ya, 
paint a perfect picture so you can remember me, 
But you'll get fried at the end if you pretend to be,

Chorus: (2x)