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Artist: Janet f/ Missy Elliott
Album:  Go Deep CD-5 Single
Song:   Go Deep (Timbaland Remix)
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(chorus four times)
Go deep (go deep)
No sleep (no sleep)
All night (all night)
Go deep (go deep)
Repeat (repeat)
Go deep (go deep)
Real deep (go deep)
Go deep (go deep)
I'm feeling fine 'cause in time I'll be out tonight
I'm starting now making sure I look fine tonight
Call Rene and Boo gotta meet them soon
Tell T to call Shawn
I'll be there at 1
When we show up
All the guys at the club
Wanna get our backs
(chorus twice)
I'm feeling high 'cause I'm outta control tonight (feeling high don't wanna stop)
Ooh he's got me moving
DJ grooving I feel way right (grooving I don't wanna stop)
I'm getting freaked from behind
I don't even mind
'Cause he's looking damn fine
Make him mine in time
Gotta take him home
When I get him all alone
I'll make him scream and moan (moan)
(chorus twice)
We'll go deep
Get no sleep
And uh we'll be up all night 'till the... (yeah uh)
I'm feeling hight tonight
Outta control tonight
I'm feeling hight tonight
I feel high
(Missy Elliott)
I can go deeper than the river
Make a beat that will shiver
The back of your car
The back of your jeeps (what)
The tip of your neck
The soles on your feet (what)
My ha-hat-rat-tat (uh)
Now duplicate that (what)
You sound whack
Here's a smack
Janet don't play that
Timbaland give me playback

(chorus untill fade)