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Artist: Jerzee Monet f/ DMX
Album:  Love and War
Song:   Most High (Remix)
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Yo if you don't know what the world means to me
Things change and rearrange
Friends aren't friends anymore
People go behind your back to score on anything
Will we ever have peace
Someone tell me please

You know you will see on the block
Kids playin hearin gunshots
Never phased by the crimes that they witness
Follow me and come and see how it got this way
Young mama right there
Don't be cussin at your kids right there
Put the right foundation right here (teach respect)
So they can be
Most high (most high)
Most high (most high)
Most high (most high)
Like an angel in the sky
Most high
Most high
Most high
Like an angel in the sky
Brother why you act that way (why you actin that way)
Call your girl woman not her name
Bringin kids in the world unclaimed
You should know that don't make you a man at all (not
at all)
Young father out there (listen up)
Don't abandon your seed out there (show we care)
Let's get one thing clear (for real)
Family should be

Most high (held high)
Most high
Most high
Like an angel in the sky
Most high (it's the most)
Most high
Most high
Like an angel in the sky

It doesn't matter where you are
You're still a shining star (for real)
It doesn't matter where you're from (it doesn't matter
where you're from)
Let's give love to everyone (start showin more love)

Hustlers put down your guns (put em down)
Self-respect is the best weapon
Spread love show your real value
Set a true example by starting with you
See them kids right there
Don't be shootin round them kids right there
Gotta show there is hope out here
Train yourself you can be most high

I only walk in the dirt, but my steps are guided
And not matter how dark my path gets, I light it
I ain't never been ashamed of the pain, cant hide it
Yet da road was rough but I decided to ride it
Step carefully, wit half of me walk wrecklessly
That's just an x n me, cats getted popped like ecstasy
Yo money jus sounds just like you, oh you jus an extra me
Give or let me fly or gimme death
Words that I try 2 say with my last breath
And if my last breath aint long,
I thank the lord for my life
That way my last breath aint wrong
You not keepin money with the hood right there
You dont really wanna go right there
You gonna get left right there
You be takin your last breathe right there