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Artist: Jennifer Lopez f/ Fat Joe
Album:  Hold You Down 12"
Song:   Hold You Down (Remix to the Remix)
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[Fat Joe]
This is the remix to the remix of the remix

Chorus - Jennifer and Fat Joe:

[FJ] Would ya hold me down?
Even if the worlds against me, girl I gotta know if ya with me)
[J-Lo] I'm-a hold you down
No matter the situation, the whole wide world can't take us
[FJ] Would ya hold me down?
Even if the cops arrest me
Girl I gotta know you're comin' to get me
Would ya hold me down?
[J-Lo] Baby I'ma hold you down
You know I'm gonna hold you down
(Damn right I'ma hold you down)

No matter what you go through yeah I gotcha
And no matter what they do they can't stop us
Who was the one that went all out for you?
Stashed cash in bags, while you made your move
And there ain't nothin' Hollywood wanna jump off
If there's a problem I'm-a ride Joe at any cost
I'll be the one that reps strong for you
If all else fails, I'll do a bid with you

[Fat Joe]
You got the weight of the world on my shoulders
And the "X" in my chest
Man these villains is vultures and I'm sentenced to death
But your face is the best Crack at it
Raps baddest god damn it, ain't nobody fuckin' with us
So similar to those one in the pants
Don't nobody want listen till them things go bam
Yep yeah I'm about my cash
Got my dough but then again you already know


[Fat Joe]
This is the T-E-R-R-O-R Squad
Who else hold it down like ya nigga, Joe
I'ma spit that Ross's 9-2
Take ya back when I hit ya with that "Flow Joe" track
Yeah I bought you that Pun, J-Lo's the same
Young boys try and mimic sayin' they spitin' that game
From New York to New Heights to new fights
Of course I'm out it, let's talk about it
Yeah you ain't never been a nigga, more fish
Yup first they wanna love ya then they wanna dish
You haven't seen it all and I ain't tryin' to stress ya at all
But I ain't got no where else to go

Joe I never gave you a reason to doubt
And there was never a time I didn't look out
There's not a situation that we can't get through
There's never been a night I didn't pray for you
See I'll dedicate my life till the very end
Cause at the end of it all I know I had a friend
So let them all believe what they heard
I'll let my actions speak louder than words


So anytime you need me for whatever
You could call my phone
We could handle this together
Shotgun by your side in the Carara
It's "All Or Nothin'" that's how we do yeah
I talk of everything I'm still that chick
To hold you down cause my pockets are thick
Cause you know I do that movie shit that runway shit
Not to compare me to your average pick

[Fat Joe]
"All Or Nothin'" how I feel these days
Hate stronger than tsunami ways
I know you know the feeling
Talkin' about that tabloid shit
Paparazzi they can suck my dick
Well I guess I guess they know now
When it comes to holdin' you down
Everybody know how I get down
Yup, yup, yup, yup

So I guess I guess you know now
When it comes to holdin' you down
Everybody know how I gets down
When it comes to you I do anything you ask me to

[Chorus 2X]