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Artist: Fantasia Barrino f/ Big Boi (OutKast)
Album:  Fantasia
Song:   Hood Boy
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(Mmmm, awwwww shish!)

[Fantasia - Intro]
Ya gotta understand what I'm talkin' about
I'm talkin' about on this one
Sexy...Sexy as hell to me... hehe

[Fantasia - Verse One]
So lemme tell ya bout a player I, know
Six foot, fo'
Two twenty, five; he's all the way live
See where I come, from
We like em like, that
He don't talk, smack
He just twist, caps off
See that's the only kinda dude I'm demandin'
And every girl like me understand it (umm-mm)
And the ones that ain't they still gotta have it
They don't know, why but they stay chattin'

I need a hood boy - wifebeaters and jeans
Always in the trap and he looks so mean
I need a hood boy, gon' 'head pretty
We don't like them there, need sumthin' mo' realer
I need a hood boy - hot boys, rock boys
Street boys, B-boys, man I love them boys
[Go on say]

[Verse Two]
He knows how to treat a lady
but he won't let you get too rowdy
Ooooh, he stands up for himself
That's what I like most about him
He's all I, see and all I, need
And all that I want, and all that I'mmm used to
I swear that my man's the truth (oooohhh)
I said I swear that my man's the truth

[Chorus 2X]

[Big Boi]
B-A-double D-Y stay fly
So fly ever since a nigga started sayin' bye
That's right stand by' cause we about to take flight
Not a 747 but the music and the mic-ro-
-phone home if you want someone waitin' baby
go on home; don't wanna jeapordize ya safety
Maybe later; we shake the haters and gets busy
You say you wanna do same thing then get wit me
If not, then hit me; I know you know the history
Last nigga ridin' round lookin' real crispy
Ridin' round town, top down on the grizzy
Grind all the time to stay hot or either sizzlin'
I thought I told ya niggaz we run stop signs
Cause we don't stop 'til the cops come knockin' for two block shine
Not mine! 'Toine gone {?}, boi!
Like sunshine and cold north through summertime, now bow down!


[Fantasia - Outro]
Hey hey shortie wanna rock with you
Shortie wanna rock with you
Wanna bop with you
I wanna ride with you