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Artist: Madonna f/ Missy Elliott
Album:  Remixed & Revisited (EP)
Song:   Into The Hollywood Groove
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Everybody comes to Hollywood
They wanna make it in the neighbourhood
They like the smell of it in Hollywood
How could it hurt you when it looks so good

[Missy Elliott]
Ohh, who that be, Misdemeanor on the M-I-C
I got the fresh kicks, thick hips, best believe me
And Madonna bout to hit em like a tag team
You gonna love us in our Gap Jeans
We walk by, people ask 'where you get them jeans'
On fire call emergency, G-A, capital P
You know how we, and let me go and do my thing
I'll bring ya hard on the track if ya know what I mean
Hollywood and New York, Madonna is the queen
And Misdemeanor say Gap is the best

Get into the groove, let me show you some move
Best to take it from me, yeah
Get up on your feet
Let me step to the beat
Show you how it should be
Get into the groove
Let me show you some move
Best to take it from me
Get into the groove