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Artist: Kelly Price f/ Method Man
Album:  Mirror, Mirror
Song:   Like You Do
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[Method Man]
Hey love, hey love
Hey love, whoo, hmm-hmm-hmm
Yo hey love you're the girl that I adore
Every time I go on tour
I want you more and more
Ma I am yours, mi amor
My ghetto Zsa Zsa Gabor
Don't be snitching to the law
Or ever give up my draws
You're Fly Robin Fly
That apple of my eye
Crooked eye this is what it sounds like when thugs cry
Baby you're like the silent kind
That can tell a good joke, my funny valentine
Roll an L and still smoke it at the same time
Blow your spine I ain't got to ask whose - is this
You know it's mine FOREVER
Stop the regrets and baby let's get it together
Taking these vows for worst or better
And if so I got you
Holding you down like your pops do
You were the pants I'll were the crown
Ain't nobody gon' love you this way
And ain't nobody gon' f- like Jolly J

I had enough of love
Was tired of the lying and the game
I told myself that men were all the same
Then suddenly my world began to change
Cause that's when I found you

1 - Ain't nobody
    Loving me like you do baby
    Can't nobody
    Make me feel the way I'm feeling
    Ain't nobody
    Loving me like you do baby
    No one for me like you baby

Now I can smile again baby
Cause lonely days are gone since you are here
Erase the pain and changed the way I feel
Now I believe that love can be for real
I pray that you never leave

Repeat 1

Don't mean to brag
But it's the things you do
Don't mean to talk
But it's the way you love me
Feels like its heaven when I'm here with you
The way you love me makes me happy

[Method Man]
Yo now ain't no woman like the one I got
She floss hot to trot keep my manhood rock
Real deal when she give me something I can feel
And still jumpin' out the bed to cook a meal
For her boo, we share like Sonny and Cher
I got you babe and I'll be there
You ain't got to have a care in the world
The scenario when boy meets girl
I'll give you dough to fix your curl
The birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees
Me and you bucking naked all out the sheets
All I wanna do is make ya happy
Just ask me
I'll give you the world if I can fit it through the door
I'm like the love boat ALL ABOARD
Docking in your seashore I give it to you raw like
Voule'vo, cuse, aver ma
Excusame, que't que't menage'tois

Repeat 1 till end