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Artist: LaLa f/ Fat Joe
Album:  The Love I Need 12"
Song:   The Love I Need (I Need Love) (Remix)
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[Fat Joe]
I come to find out that
I need true love, and
Ha ha

[Jonathan Rotem]

[Rap Verse: Fat Joe {Jonathan Rotem in background}]
You need love
Well, search no further
Course, I'm making love, while your boy just murder
She calls me Pookie
And I call her Poochie
She's in a drop pad
Making a movie
And they got two seats, and they keep harassing her
You got it fucked up
She ain't to passing ya
She's my boo
And I ain't ever love like that
And she's screaming, she ain't ever cum like this {"I need love" --> LL Cool J}
Trips to Capri (Capri)
Yatchs with the heli pad
Introduce her to my moms cause she hella bad
I guess if you seek a little joy
A love that's created by a girl and a boy {"I need love"}
I need love

[LaLa {Jonathan Rotem in background}]
(Verse 1)
I ain't never felt this way before
How to explain the way I'm feelin' (Feelin')
But boy, dude that I've been lookin' for
Cause you got all that I've been missin'
I love the fact you keep an open mind
To take the time to really listen
Just thinking 'bout you gives me butterflies
So when you speak, I'll pay attention {"I need love"}

Hook: LaLa (Jonathan Rotem)
I admire the way you show and prove
And how do what you say you're gonna do
And if ever I need, I know that you
Gon' get it how you live for us ("I need love")
And that's why I don't mind when you're out late
Just as long as you coming home to me
Every word in the song is basically
All the reasons that I need your love ("I need love")

Chorus: LaLa (Jonathan Rotem)
When you walk
In the room, my heart skips a beat
And you ain't ever gotta worry 'bout where I be
Cause if you need me, best believe that you can call on me
Cause I can't let it go, just as long as you know ("I need love")
I need love in the morning, in the afternoon
And in the evening, best believe that I ain't mad at you
The way you put it down like nobody could ever do
And I can't let it go, just as long as you know ("I need love")
I need love

(Verse 2)
Every now and then, I catch myself
Ready to flip over some bullshit (Bullshit)
But I don't wanna be with no one else
So I try not to put you through it
You make me feel so, sexy, baby
You make me feel so good (Good)
I swear the love you give to me (Me)
I'm a give to you (You)
Always and forever {"I need love"}

Repeat Hook

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: LaLa
Every time you're around
You find the way to make it count
Baby, when you lay it down
You make so glad that I'm found
Somebody who loves like you do
And nobody touch me like you do
Baby, how you got me fallin', waiting for your callin'
I'm a give my one my all

Repeat Chorus