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Artist: Nikki Jean f/ Black Thought, Lupe Fiasco
Album:  Pennies In a Jar
Song:   Million Star Motel
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[Intro: Lupe Fiasco]
Good day sir, if you need anything let us know
Hope you enjoy your stay

[Nikki Jean]
Lord knows I've been lower
Locked underneath the cellar door
I've been bent till I broke but never more
You might ask why I'm smiling
with filthy pockets, you can't tell
Diamond shine in the midnight sky
and the world is my million star motel

[Lupe Fiasco]
L-U-P, I'm back where the beat at
Love always shines every time I see that
Hugging the track if you're under attack
or you're stuck, I'll be back in your arms like a relapse
Take you out the lobby, put you where a suite at
Sweet, you ain't gotta check out or bring the key back
Keep that, "do not disturb" on the door
This a non-smoking floor, not where the infidels creep at
In a room where the lovers don't cheat at
Concierges, room service
Complimenting mini-bar, you ain't reserve this
But you deserve this, and we all agree that
House-keep let you sleep where you dream at
and if you need new dreams, we can bring that
This the W-O-R-L-D
Anytime, anything where Nikki Jean at

[Nikki Jean]
God bless non-believers
They teach the dreamers how to fly
Love and hate fuel the fire inside their eyes
The suits and the schemers
can't see beyond what they can sell
Diamonds shine in the midnight sky
being kept by a million star motel

[Black Thought]
Uh, checked into a room with a view
One brick wall, one portrait of you
Still feel like I was walking into
a place more blessed than the less fortunate do
But, it couldn't be more far from the truth
Spot look small, not far from the booth
And the basement not far from the roof
And the whole staff look way darker than blue
But, I'm not really wanting for too much
I could feel like a millionaire with a few bucks
Whether in black Chucks or a new tux
Some take note but never give two fucks
Whether Wu-Tang Clan or the Klu-Klux
wonder how the world gon' handle the new stuff?
Find true love, that's my new drug
Nikki Jean get the orchestra cued up

[Nikki Jean]
You might ask why I'm smiling
with filthy pockets, can't you tell
Diamonds shine in the midnight sky
and the world is my million star hotel