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Artist: Tweet f/ Fabolous, Missy
Album:  Oops Oh My 12"
Song:   Oops Oh My (Remix)
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[Verse I: Tweet]
I'll tell ya what I did last night
I came home, say around a quarter to three
Still so high, hyptnotized
In a trance, from his body
So buttery brown and tantalizing
You would have thought I neede help
With the feeling that I felt
So shook I had to catch my breath

OOPS! There goes my shirt up over my head, oh my
OOPS! There goes my skirt droppin to my feet, oh my
OOH! Some kind of touch caressing my face, oh my
OOH! I'm turnin' red who could this be

[Verse II]
I tried and I tried to avoid
But this thing was happening
Swallow my pride, let it ride
And parted, but this body felt just like mine
I got worried
I looked over to the left
A reflection of myself
That's why I couldn't catch my breath

[Hook] Repeat

Desert Storm, Fabolous, Tweet

Shorty I strictly wanna spank you
The most I gotta do is spell my name to get ya Vicky's to ya ankles
I'm serious mami
You fuckin with the kid a.k.a. William H, period, Bonnie
You know I'm that type that be crushin an merkin
Have ladies touchin the herkin and, blushin and smirkin
Early in the morning rushin for work and
Screamin oh my, F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S, each night I'm freakin
Ma you ain't gon talk me to death, cause you got free nights and weekends
Ghetto Fab's all over the place
Oops! There goes my kids all over ya face, oh my

(Tweet) I looked over to my left
(Missy) I was lookin so good I couldn't reject myself
(Tweet) I looked over to my left
(Missy) I was feelin so good I had to touch myself
(Tweet) I looked over to the left
(Missy) Lookin at my thighs... {*fades out*}