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Artist: Monica f/ Missy, Young Buc
Album:  So Gone (Remix) 12"
Song:   So Gone (Remix)
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So gone, over you, you, you, you..

[Young Buc]
Yeah, I know
Dis da Official Remix

[Missy] Yeah!
[Missy] New Monica
[Young] I see ya
[Young] Young Buc
[Missy] Woo!

[Intro: Young Buc]
This the remix, she didn't have to wait that long
Monica, Missy, and Young Buc remix is so g-one
And my love of the game is so str-ong
I can hold on so you can tell me what's going on
Monica, c'mon

[Verse 1: Monica] + (Young Buc)
Silly of me
Devoted so much time
To find you unfaithful, boy
I never lost my mind (Don't do that, don't do that)
Drive pass your house every night
In a unmarked car
Wonder'n what she had on me
To make you break my heart, yeah

[Chorus: Monica ]
(You make me feel...)
You make me feel, I'm so gone (so gone), ohh..
You make me feel (you make me feel)
Whoa and I love you to love you, baby, I (So gone)

[Verse 2: Monica] + (Younge Buc)
Nights I couldn't sleep, uh
You let the sun beat you home
I asked myself over again
What am I doing wrong?
To make you stay out all night
And not think to call
What does she have over me?
To make him not think to call home


[Verse 3: Missy] + (Young Buc}
Listen, boi, I'm a rowdy chick (Huh?)
Sometimes I have to fight 'cause my mouth too slick (Why dat?)
Baby, why you do'n like I ain't worth this shit (I'm Not)
Make me wanna ryde passed yo' house and sit (Fo' reel?)
Kick down your and smack yo' chick (Dayum)
Just to show you Monica not have'n itH
So in love with you like a drug habit get (I'm gonna explain it to you thought)

[Monica] So gone
[Missy] You treat me so unreel
[Young] Look here

[Verse 4: Young Buc]
Ayo, was it the club hoppin after the show
That had you shook up
You know I'ma flirt, short stop
Wasn't no hook ups
Who I came home to? You
Anything Buc got you want a matchin' one to
That's how we do
Please believe with you is were I rest my head
Maybe in one of those new customized Missy Ferrari beds
Put your hood up with the boy from the hood too
Your rocked the throw back all eyes on you
You was so gone but I was so gone without chu
Think'n abother woman could replace you
I got girls that's frends
But I ain't buy them a Benz
I copped you a 600 that should tell you how runnin, fo' reel

[Outro: Monica] + (Young Buc)
What she do, I do better (I know, I know) {Ooh...oh...}
What she do to make you lover her? (Remix) {What did she do?}
Is it reel or forever {Is it reel}
Baby, please can't we stay together? {oh}
Whoa and I love you to love you, baby {what and I love you to love you, baby}
What and I love you to love, baby, ooh..
Whoa and I love you to love, baby (Whoa and I love you to love you, baby)
Whoa and I l ove you to love you, baby
[Missy:] Jus to show you Monica not have'n it (Yeah)
{You make me feel}
You make me feel, I'm so gone {So gone}, oh..
You make me {You make me feel}
Whoan and I love you to love you, baby, I {So gone} ooh

Said that I need you
I don't really need you
Said that I need you, ooh..