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Artist: Monica f/ Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, Tweet
Album:  After The Storm (Import)
Song:   So Gone (Remix) (Bonus Track)
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[Missy] (Monica)
(Remix), whoo, yeah (remix), oh, new Monica, so sick (remix, hey hey)
Oh, it's remix player it don't get no hotter than that (remix)
Uh, a hot beat on some wax, Monica what you say about that
Uh (hey hey)

[Monica] (Missy)
I'm Monica, I got people out on every block
And them say you been cheatin', what the blood clot
Them rude boys, why you think youse a hot shot
You'll come back like them addicts look for crack spots
You must've fucked up, how dare you got me on lock
You got me open like a chest with pneumonia
I'm quick to run up on ya, you and your chicks I came to warn ya
I'm crazy like them gangs in California (hey hey, uh)

[Monica] (Missy)
Silly of me, uh, devoted so much time (yeah)
To find you unfaithful boy, I nearly lost my mind (whoo, uh)
Drive past your house every night in an unmarked car
Wondering what she had on me, to make you break my heart, yeah (come on, whoo)

[Tweet] (Monica) {Missy}
You make me feel (you, you, you, you, you)
So unreal {yeah} (you make)
You make me feel {oh} (oh, I)
So unreal (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeha) hey hey {whoo}

[Monica] (Missy)
Nights I couldn't sleep (uh), you let the sun beat you home (ok)
I asked myself over again what am I doing wrong (oh)
To make you stay out all night (oh), and not think to call (uh)
What does she have over me to make him not think to call home (whoo)

[Tweet] (Monica) {Missy}
You make me feel (baby you make me feel) {oh}
(I'm so gone off you ey) so unreal {ah} (oh you)
Oh you make me feel {yeah} (I'm gone, I)
So unreal {uh}

[M = Monica, B = Busta] (Monica) {Missy}
M = Ey Busta Rhymes let me know a man's point of view (yeah)
M = Cause I think all men are dogs and that's including you (aha)
B = Well Monica, look closer, tell me what you see {uh}
B = Correct yourself cause dog backwards spelt G-O-D
M = See I'm so gone and I be slappin' any kinda chick (yeah, uh)
M = And I will step to any bitch I think he messin' with (aha) {oh}
B = Watch what you say and what you do, sometimes I can't ignore it {mm}
B = From how you rap and spaz over your dude and love you for it {whoo}
M = Well I'm a singer not a fighter but don't test me (yeah)
M = I'm a razor blade under the tongue as a security (oh yeah) {aha}
B = Now what you sayin', first of all you know you're still my baby
B = My lady, what's with this razor shit you talkin' crazy
M = See Bus I'm down for my man if he act right
M = But if he out, freakin' yeah, I'm on the first flight (aha) {come on}
B = I know that youse a hot head girl let me continue
B = I don't mean to patronize but I love the sexy thug in you, you crazy

[Tweet] (Monica) {Missy}
You make me feel (no, no, no, no, I'm so gone)
So unreal (so gone, so gone on you, you know you make me)
You make me feel (I'm gonna love you, love you baby, I'm so gone)
So unreal (so tell me what she did to you, you) {come on}

What she do, I do better
What she do to make you love her, oh is it
Is it real or forever
Baby please can't we stay together

What she do, I do better, whoo oh, ohh
What she do to make you love her
Is it real or forever
Baby please can't we stay together

[Monica] (Missy)
Ohh, ohh (I'm a hit you with a hot remix), remix
Ohh, ohh (I'm a hit you with a hot remix), yeah, eh
Ohh, ohh