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Artist: Brian McKnight f/ Akon, Juvenile, Skip
Album:  Gemini
Song:   Watcha Gonna Do?
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Verse One [Juvenile]
Tell me no if you don? like it
I know what that means
But its different from when I touch you
Aint tryin to fight it
Got a playa all excited, wonder if you can ride it
Straight out the Maseratti
On the back of the Dukati
I just wanna bubble, Im not trying to trouble nobody
I just love to have me a stallion standing beside me
You tryin to hide your feelings, and thats aight with me
I only want a minute, you aint gotta spend the night with me

Verse Two [Brian McKnight]
Born the 5th of June by the afternoon
In Mississippi I was walking and
15 got my first Benz, been rollin ever since
Baby girl she lookin good to me
Ya bodys crisp and clean with out the caffeine
In my head it seemed logical
There's somethin in ya eyes it got me hypnotized
Let me know if somethings possible
Got me rubbin up on you
You dont tell me you dont want me to
Got me playin in your hair
You know I want to take you there

I kick my game
You feel the same
But you got your peeps
But tonight we're playin for keeps

[Chorus: Brian McKnight]
You know you wanna be with me
Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
I'll wait another 5 minutes to see
Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
Go tell your girls you're gonna be all right
Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
Come on and roll with me tonight
Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do

Verse Three [Akon]
Shortie, just in case you aint know
Me and Brian McK got a spot on the low
We hittin hard like the cops at your door
Wouldn't it be nice to bang a young entrepreneur
I see you peepin all in my grill
And I can tell you got a whole that you want me to fill
You got something that I want to kill
And they can sentence me to life I wouldnt want an appeal
I run the city like a taxicab
And all the meters miss pretty with an ass to grab
Take a seat up in the passenger side
Akon got the wheels just enjoy the ride

[Brian McKnight]
I kick my game
You feel the same
But you got your peeps
But tonight we're playin for keeps

[Chorus: Brian McKnight]

Verse Four [Juvenile]
They say the apple dont fall far from the tree
So you should chill when your daughters in waters with p
I'm here to comfort your nerves
Wanna massage you with herb

All you gotta do is pay attention and envision the words
Get them thoughts out of ya head bout what you done
Heard in the wind
About me being a dog, That hear say is played out
We keep on going through these obstacles
You can take a ride with the great it aint impossible

Verse Five [Skip]
Whats ya name Kianya, short for Yolanda
Well, whats that behind ya, you got it from ya mama
Well, where can I find ya, I like that type
And I aint tryin? hold you down for just one night
So what the deal then, wha?s up
You comin? with me, what we gonna do
We gonna cut and get something to eat
Who you came with ya girls throw them the keys
Look, get in the car, she gonna call you around three

[Chorus: Brian McKnight]