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Artist: Elephant Man f/ Killah Priest
Album:  Good 2 Go
Song:   Who We Are
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[Intro: Killah Priest] + (Elephant Man)
(Yep!) Yo what's the deal (Good 2 Go)
Yo this is Killah Preist, Wu-Tang Clan with the Elephant Man
Nah mean (Shizzle) my man Don Corleon (Jamaica)
Elephant Man, we bout to do this (New York, L.A. Philly)
Yo (Shizzle) on the realness, yo, check me out
Takin pictures of us too, Scare Dem, hold me back
(Weh di rudebwoy dem deh?!) Yo yo

[Verse 1: Killah Priest]
I hit 'em then split 'em then cut 'em then gut 'em and gag 'em (Uh huh)
Approach us like clowns get hit with the fifth of the magnum (Uh huh)
We buss 'em then pluck 'em to the dust and then end the discussion
Ele and Priest comin with somethin that's bussin (Elephant Man: You know)
Lyrics, chattin, Anglo-Saxon the fashion
We laughin go to war with the dragon (Elephant Man: Killah Priest!)
I got the hand gun, Ele, you got the magnum (Elephant Man: I'm ready)
Get set to attack 'em wrong move we clap 'em

[Verse 2: Elephant Man]
And if yuh waan fi start a war
Killah Priest tek it to dem like di sars
Dem won't survive him must fi run from birth whole heap a mars
So big up all my thugs in di prisons behind bars
Real badman dat's who we are
And mi seh come dung to di chair
Nuttin real gangsta don't fear
Yuh know mi from di projects, but we nuh care
Always strapped like di cops anywhere we appear
Yuh tell us by di clothes dat we wear, everybody sing

[Verse 3: Killah Priest]
This is our time (Uh huh) we about to shine (Uh huh)
All you other cats, y'all better resign (Elephant Man: Shizzle)
Cause when Elephant rhymes like the shell of a nine
We a lead of our time bout to sell like a dime (Elephant Man: Come on!!!)
Preach the teacher gald to meet ya
Bash your speakers, clap your heaters (Uh huh)
And go crazy (Yeah) and pull eighties, and get wild, go, sit down
My desert eagle start stretchin people
Fresh out the legal authorities so don't bother me
We veterans Priest and Elephant
Word to God we sick we need medicine

[Verse 4: Elephant Man]
Like Bush when we start it war start nobody caan part it
Aminition we a fill like ground from di mullet
Dem bwoy deh humble attack it
Live like wire so we spark it
Jamaican lift up yuh nine but oonu bodda bark it
We anser war questions while others ask it
Headin to di billboard dat a fi we target
Hip Hop and reggae so we cross it (Come on!!!)

[Chorus: Elephant Man]
We, we, Jamaicans who we be
New York, we, we, Jamaicans who we be
Everybody sing we, we, Jamaicans who we be
London a sing we, we, Jamaicans who we be

[Repeat Elephant Man & Killah Priest verse]

[Repeat Chorus until end]