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Artist: Capleton f/ Method Man
Album:  Wings of the Morning 12"
Song:   Wings of the Morning (Dynamik Duo Mix) *

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Intro: Capleton

And so great is a man goin to be praised
Selassie I liveth everytime
I say Jah shall execute judgment and justice
and none shall escape or get mercy, what me say
Selassie I liveth everytime, what me say


Boy you coulda put on the wings of de morning and fly
There is no escape from King Selassie I
Dwellin in de uttermost depths of the sea
There is no escape from his Majesty

Verse One:

A long time he a tell you bout the dirty slavery
A long time he a tell you bout the brutality
A long time he a tell you bout the H.I.M. prophecied
Me warn you, bout recent monarchy
Me warn you, all bout the black liberty
Me warn you, all bout we equality
Me warn you, all bout Marcus Garvey
Me beg you, have fi love his Majesty
Selassie I, soul that kept me
Selassie I, power a di trinity
And X amount of nation bow down 'pon them knee
No stop from beg,  and dem no stop from pleas
and nowhere to run and there is no-where


Verse Two: Method Man

Here come that rudebwoy shit, criminology legit
Legalize dope to get me mega-rich Selassie I
We can all get by if we unify
Gettin chinky eye off the stimuli, blazin the cut
And all that good stuff, six-three walk with a strut
On these New York streets like baby what
Anything can happen, it usually does
I'm from Staten, the Island, peep me on G-Street, Ticallion
Everything is real ain't nuttin fronted
Counterfeit rapper haffa bungee
He's in it for the munties, M-O-N-E-Y
But you can't take it witcha when you die, Selassie high

Verse Three: Capleton

If ya open up de wings an tell dem fi exit
Cause no anti-Christ an naw gon worship
Ay Selai for the righteous but di wicked affi perish
With dem religion and dem whole poli-tricks
Half the people dem a turn and half the people dem a twist
Now shoot dem, another ear-trick done perish
Get M some 16 and some rusty-matic
After the whole of them from gone then push up them fists
Leave the ship them a strip, you must get punish
Cyann escape your judgment, stand up oh boy


So ahh, and one of these day
When you hear a voice say come
Where you gonna run too, ohhhh woyyyy
I said they gonna run to the rock
and mountain but there will be no rock, no rock
They're gonna run to the rocks
and mountain but there will be no rock, so what we say

Verse Four: Method Man

Wu-Tang Clan's in the area, Capleton's in the area
We got Shaolin in the area
Big up yourself black man, my brothers
Hell is the plan for the other, discover, discover, discover, c'mon, c'mon
New lands for you man and your family
Reminisce on back in the days, can it be
it was all so simple then, we all kin
And black-skinned, original Don set the trend
Let's be men, if not for us, then for the babies
The little ones the revolution has now begun

[Put on put on the wings of the morning and fly 
 There is no escape from King Selassie I!!]

Outro: Method Man

Now, owwww, everybody
Get in where you fit in
For nine-five, the nine-nickel
Cold as an icicle, Method Man
Capleton, representing
Dynamic Duo on the track