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Artist: Missy Elliott
Album:  The Cookbook
Song:   Remember When
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Baby, it's not true when they say all men are dogs
Cause I know a lot of women who cheat
I know you kinda wonder why I'm havin this conversation wit'chu
Because I speak upon experience
And if it's worth anything, I'll never cheat again


[Missy - singing]
I know I may act stubborn boy
But that don't mean I don't love you boy
Please forgive me for my attitude
When it seems I'm takin all my shit out on you
I know I never said this here
Let me make myself, loud and clear
I appreciate the way you treat me
I did a lot of things you still don't hate me

Remember when you caught me cheatin - ayy, cheatin
You said I stopped your heart from breathin - stopped your heart, breathin
(YES!) But you loved me so much forgave me - forgave me
When you could've went out and played me - played me

[Missy - singing]
Am I a dissapointment to you baby?
Most of the time I'm wrong, makin excuses for abuses I've done
Steppin all on your heart, but you never left me baby
Say I'm sorry all the time, and any other guy would be gone
But you stayin right by my - siiiiiiiide

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Missy - singing]
And a love like this, and I can't play no games
And it's hard to forgive it, but you didn't never complain
Didn't rub it in my face, just let me slide on by
I know that every girl, wish she had you as a guy

WOO!  Myyyyyyy, my oh myyy
Whoa-ohhhhhh (HOLLA!)
No no, no no - uhh, no no, Lord
Cause a love like this, can't play no games

And it's hard to forgive, things I did to you
Let me slide on by
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, have you ever...

[Missy - rapping]
When I cheated you said you couldn't breathe
{*inhale*} Said you couldn't breathe (YES!)
Now I'm sittin here beggin on my knees
Take me back, I'll do anything includin plead (YES!)
I didn't mean to burn a bridge three degree
Like Fantasia said, let yourself be free
The truth be without me you'd succeed
I'm sorry baby, please believe in you and me

[Missy - singing]
C'mon; it ain't no love, better than you
With all the pain, I put you through
I've still {?}
And you still love me, yes you do
It ain't no love, better than you
With all the pain, I put you through
I've still {?}
Without you here, what would I do

[scratched] Eww eww eww ewww, mmm mmm {*2X*}

Remember when you caught me cheatin