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Artist: Missy Elliott
Album:  The Cookbook
Song:   Teary Eyed
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Two thousand five!!
There will be no room for y'all with no originality

[Missy - singing]
You're, the reason I don't trust no one
And I don't love no one, from the places I've come
The sad songs, I've sung, all the times I've been stung
Boy you, bring the worst out of me (HOLLA!)
And I cain't, allow these tears I've cried
The emptiness inside, that left me so petrified
Tried to keep, love alive, but I became too tired
Cause you, bring the worst out of me

And, I wish I coulda changed the way things have gone
And start life and do it now maybe once again (YES!)
I don't know when or where but somethin must have went wrong
And all I have to sayyyy, is now...

When I sing this song I get so tear-y eyed
Cause you get under my skin, can't let you suck me dry
I was gonna marry you, have kids for you
Stay true to you, live life with you
But look what you've, done, to me

[Missy - singing]
I, comprimised all my time
And rearranged my life, to make sure you was fine
Cause our love, was on the line, and I became so unkind
Cause you, brought the worst out of me (you brought the worst out of me)
This is, how the story goes (WOO!)
The others want to know, when it's out of control
You work, and you work, but someone gets hurt
And I guess, that, be, me

[Chorus] w/ ad libs


[Chorus] w/ ad libs