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Artist: Missy Elliott
Album:  Step Up 2 the Streets Soundtrack
Song:   Ching-A-Ling
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[Missy Elliott]
The party is ending at 2 A.M.
So whatever you must do..
Do it now!

Ching, ching, gettin paid over here
Ching, ching, gettin paid over here
(This is...)
Thirsty, baby bring it over here
Thirsty, baby bring it over here
See my money maker, do my money maker (Crazy baby!)
See my money maker, do my money maker (Serious maaaan!)
(ereh revo ti gnirb ybab, ytsrihT)
(ereh revo ti gnirb ybab, ytsrihT)

[Verse 1ne]
M-I-S-sy, Missy be a freak
Sex so good, I can freak you in my sleep
Ice on my sleeve, I can make a room freeze
Pockets mo' bigger than a stripper booty cheeks
Dudes weak when they look at my physique
French on my feet cost a buck fifty
I don't swing from a pole, Missy swing from a tree
I'm Muhammad Ali 'cause I sting like a bee
Whatchu know about that? So cute and fat
I let him hit it once, I watch the dude come back
'Cause the back so stacked like it's sittin on a jack
Missy be the mack, that's a true fact

[Chorus w/ ad-libs]

[Verse 2wo]
(I like this!) 
Big things pop, little things stop
If you talk a lot, in your mouth you get socked
Miss don't flop 'cause I only get props
House on the water, Aston Martin in the lot
Look at my watch, cost a whole lot
So iced out you cain't see it tick-tock
Yeah, I'm so hot and I can't be topped
Artists drop down like Michael Jackson socks
Got the game lock, make ya body rock
If Missy ain't on it, then ya song don't knock
You might get mopped like a floor so don't walk
You don't need to spit unless you live what you talk
(Let's go!)


[Verse 3hree]
Missy switch it up, do ya damn thang
Just like a chain, groupies wanna hang
Talk that slang, gon' head and let it bang
Make the hair stand like the hair on Don King
Boom, boom, shing, I shine like bling bling
Call me a queen, mean chicks stay in ya lane
My flow so mean, if you know what I mean
So fresh and clean, you can call me Irish Spring
Whatchu know about that? Talk like ex-lax
If ya game wack, then you ain't sayin jack
Just like that, yea yea, to get axed
'Cause I got more hits than you can get out of a bat

[Chorus and ad-libs]