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Artist: Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott
Album:  Under Construction
Song:   Go to the Floor
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Let's start the show
Misdemeanor here
Let's start the show
Mr. Mos' on the beats
Let's start the show
2000 eternity!
Let's start the show
Aight, let's start the show
Let the show begin

[*Beat changes]
This is a Missy Elliott exclusive
SET IT OFF! (set it off)

Mama say, mama sah, mama can you do this
Talkin' like you baddest when you just new to this
Everytime I come out yall be like 'who dat is'
Be more like Ashanti and be unfoolish
You don't really want to bring it with me
You wear Dada, I sport the Fendi
My Lamborghini against your Benzi
Dirty diamonds in your ring, see mine's cling cling cling
I used to get so high they called me Ming Lee
Spiked up my hair to look like Don King
Haters keep on hatin cause them don't worry we
Them don't worry we or me and Timothy
In my SE slim down my bodee-ee-ee
Bang bang to the boogey, oohhweee
Playa keep on playin watch me do my duty

Go to the floor (And tell me what you want)
Grab me a drink (Then what you gon' do)
I came to shake, shake my booty down
Down to the beat (whoooooooop!)
Stand on the chairs (And dance like who)
Dance like the freaks (And what you came to do)
I came to shake, shake my booty down
Light the party

I'm underrated, glad I made it
Independent operated
I never hesitated
Haters keep me motivated
The beat is penetrated, I'll let Timmy regulate it 
And we laid it in the shaded drink a glass of lemonaded
Damn I'm faded, ain't no other way to say it 
Ain't that complicated
Ain't no other chicks gon' ever make me feel invaded
I keep droppin' hits like water breakin' two centimetres
And I'm dialatin', radio patient
(Awwwwwhhh), (come on) check my translation
From my observation, my fans is real patient
They don't wanna hear the lies so stop fakin'
Ya greasy like bacon, keep my stomach achin'
If you wanna battle let there be no more delayin'
I hope ya did some prayin cause when I come swayin
Pop-she-pop-pop-pop, yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh
Sometimes I flow, sometimes quick
You was on the verge of kissin ass so slick
I be on the verge of makin' hits after hits
This the kinda shit that tell ya mami don't forget 


Everybody, move your body
Now do it 
Here is something that's gonna make you move and groove
Hey DJ keep playin that song all night 
On and on and on (on and on and on)

Now is the niggaz over there
Cuz the bitches right here
All night long I hope you all came prepared 
It's five o'clock and we ain't goin' nowhere
Awwwwhhh yeeeaaahh, oohhhhhwwwweeee
And will the guy with the cash choose me
Awwwhhh yeeeahhh, baby
I got a man I ain't seen lately
Go to the floor!