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Artist: M.M.O.
Album:  All About the Money
Song:   Lots of Dough
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Pearl Handles]
I asked her where she get it from, she get it from her mama
She asked me where I got it from, the zeros and a comma
The trip to Bahamas, I had her open
The diamonds in my ear'll have her floating, I had her pants down
Had to put my mans down, I ain't a greedy nigga
Ain't the type to be shiesty
I don't need that shit, I got wifey
I know you wanna be like Mike, a type to have escape and beat it to
At the club, we buy the bar route
It's like Javis Center, when we pull these cars out
It's a sight for sore eyes, so pop ya collars to this
All my real hustlers, make them dollars to this, so holla

[Chorus 2X: female singer]
We got lots of dough, and lots of dro
With overloads of platinum flows
Talk bout V, in V.I.P.
Status quo, all the clubs in the N.Y.C.

Yo, I be rock hard, knuckles is scarred, tussle wit broads
My entourage of exotic cars, bitches, no bras
Those the deluxe, we scrape it up, in a pick up
P.F.L., won't tell, who made the lips swell
I met at her Nailz, body base and be in Montel
I play salon slippers, slow a gold and a blow
Introduced myself as Trigg-nomm, don of the don
The names is changed, sale two million hits
Saying all the right shit to let me get my nuts licked
In public, she suck dick, yeah, she suck dick
And nights like this, I wished rain drops fall
Rock like a raincoat, while she beg for the war
I took her to strive, plus I know she mad fly
I just dropped her stupid ass back home and doowop

[Chorus 2X]

[Bam Bam]
Aiyo, fuck a 9 to 5, we burn, 24 hours shifts
Poppin' twenty four bottles of Crys'
My first video, forty four models in it
Mercedes CLK, all types of models and shit
Give the light, I push a foreign car wit stars
Work hard, putting all we got in these bars

Straight out the G.Y.M., on some E.Y.N.
With some thorough duns, straight out the P.Y.N.
See I'm a C.I.G., from B.K., N.Y.C.
Sippin' H-E-N-N, with A-L-I-Z-E
Dipped in I-C-E, me and my whole posse
Straight like mafi', flamboyant and cocky, what

[Chorus 2X]