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Artist: M.M.O.
Album:  All About the Money
Song:   So Near, So Far
Typed by: Cno Evil

Yo, closer than close, closer than a thug and his toast
Closer than most, closer than Raekwon and Ghost
Closer than cousins, if I wasn't there, you wasn't
See us together, or see neither one of us coming
Nomm and Itch, do it on some bonding shit
I pawn a bitch, switch on a model chick

[Itchy Fingas Sha]
Yeah, we close as shit, closer than a condom fit
When approaching the clit, hoping that you brought your heat
Close to the streets and my niggas, and they close to me
I keep my niggas at a distance, while I'm close to my enemies
Been in three shootouts, but I ain't no closer to death
Best close to the chest, dead and when I approach the rest

[Chorus 2X: female singer]
We so near, so near, and so far, and so far
In the midst of this, blood, sweat and tears
It's no fears, it's just more scars

We stay tight, thorough duo, dos, uno
Laurel and Hardy, ride on some Davidson Harley
Close to us hardly, just shot wounds in dark rooms
We so close, we like Suge and Pac, ducking gun shots

[Itchy Fingas Sha]
Big and Puff, Rich and Po, Shaq and Kobe
I got you dog, and I'mma catch you when you fall
We been doing it ten years, it's been real, we still here
Cardian wrist wear, who can fuck wit the kids
Two thousand and one, dunn, I got daughters (And I got sons)
Seeds involved reason why it's me and so far
To death do us part, regardless how closer we are
I'm closer to God, keep ya niggas close to the heart

[Chorus 2X]

What's closer than this? Four plates, close to the bitch
We close to the hits, so close, we won't switch
So close, we won't flinch, blaze, get hit or grazed
From the cradle to the stage, close to the grave
Blood grow, closer than the rug to a float
Closer than Iverson, five seconds to score
Closer than four to eight, wit a cell mate
Closer than doing two hundred, getting tail gate

[Itchy Fingas Sha]
Close to the gate, close to my brother's release date
Could you relate? Being so close, you can't take it
Close to the paper, little bit closer, to owning acres
Close to the pen, close from the beginning to the end

Thug gentlemen, closest men be gunmen
We tight like lockdown, close like a cure found

[Itchy Fingas Sha]
Potent pure raw sound, get accustomed to this
P.Y.N., M.M.O., we too close, this

[Chorus 4X]