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Artist: Molemen f/ MURS & Slug
Album:  The Killing Fields
Song:   My Alien Girlfriend
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[Chorus: Slug]
The girl of my dreams, ain't from round here
She don't care about the bullshit down here
I wish you'd come back and save me lady
Cause these earth women wanna make me crazy
I try everyday to escape the world
Fantasizing about my alien girl
Look into the sky to find my love
Because these earth women are too fucked up

[Verse One: Slug]
She was naked
Standing over my bed
It must be a dream
Try to shake it from your head
Six packs deep
Not exact, but roughly
Half asleep until she reached out and touched me
She was ugly, but glorious divine
No words needed, she spoke into my mind
Didn't make a sound
No need to
She could read through 
Every thought (I was see through)
Grabbed my hand
Led me to truth
Traveled from far to the top of my roof
She said she was one of two
She came to Minneapolis 
Her twin sister went to Los Angeles
The plan was just to come find the Felts
And they was thinkin' maybe MURS and myself could help
She showed me how she came from a planet
Where everybody took all of their passion for granted
I tried to understand it
But I'm a one track
Starin' at her space tits, tryin' to hold me tongue back
Didn't matter she could read my mind
And you'd have to be blind not to see my crimes
She caught on
Well she's a quick learner
Climbed aboard her mothership as more than an observer
She said, "No" to the anal probe ("Drop it!")
But she swallowed the specimen to digest and take home


[Verse Two: MURS]
She wore a lavender Velour space suit with gray boots
Titanium O'Ryan diamond studded waist too
Anti gravity bra
Hug the breasts like it's supposed to
A future 50,000 volt laser in the holster
I approached her (shiiit)
I mean I had to
There's only two other guns in existance like that
And I couldn't fight that
Plus she was bad too
But somehow you, she just looked the other way
I held out my piece if she had a lot to say
"Where'd you get it, how'd you get it, who'd you kill in what system?"
I lit up a square, help my hand up, dismissed her
Went to kiss her but she flipped it
Grabbed my waist to try to get it
I snatched her wrist, twisted, leaned to her ear and whispered
"My boy Ant he theft it
The safety genetic
Anybody but me touch it and their hand will get shredded
Make a move like that you won't live to regret it"
She flipped me from my shoulders had the conversation deaded
I said "BITCH
What are you smokin'?"
A big fat dick comin' from the Pleiades
Don't make me fill your ass up with 50,000 z's of electricity
Bitch, I found my enemies
You need to recognize a G
She started chastising me
Dissed my whole galaxy
And the dudes that I roll with
Playin' the polar caps, she was one cold bitch
The whole bar was watchin' couldn't go for that shit
She paid for her drink then she headed for the door
Left me no choice I had to fire from the floor
En fuego
I mean the bitch went day glow
And vaporized into a pile of ash in a flash
About the size of an egg roll
And ayo
I know we just met and it could have been love
But the bottom line is
Never let a bitch disrespect you in the club

"Drop it" - Public Enemy