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Artist: Mr. 3-2
Album:  Fatt Domino
Song:   No Rules
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Sonny Poo you know the rules
We done already paid our dues
So what we need to do now nigga
We don't wanna die nigga nigga
We wanna get some motherfucking money mayn
For real nigga, that's it mayn
This music is what we love nigga, on this motherfucking Southside

[Mr. 3-2]
Take a look, at what this world did to me
Knock a mo'fucker head off, for half a key
Ain't no love, ery'body trying to get bread
Step on a nigga'z toes, just to keep me fed
Get ahead homeboy, do whatever it take
Moves to make, separate the real from fake
I break bread when I can, but I gotta get mine
Bitch boys get broke off, and left behind
Sick mind of a thug, and I live in the gutter
Hustle to get it, bringing home bread and butter
Mo'fuckers off track, get lost in the game
Standing on my own two, I get money and fame
Switching the lane, leaving bullshit in the past
Baby I want it, so I'm going after the cash
Mash and roll I see, what the future hold
Stacking it up, cause bitch I want what I can fold

[Hook - 2x]
No rules, I make em up as I go
These fools, is tripping and moving slow
No rules, trying to come up with a master plan
Pay dues, do your homework and cash in your hand

[Mr. 3-2]
What it is talk to me, what you working with
I'm first to click, and squash all that bullshit
Playing games with my time, ain't what it's about
Blueprints for a lick, make that pistol pop
I got bops and a nigga'z up, all day long
Take the money out the safe, right quick I'm gone
What you want fool, I gotta keep my babies fed
Daddy gotta do some'ing, 'fore the day I'm dead
You scared go to church, and pray to the man
But I'm living off the land, long as I can
Mr. 3 to the 2, gon' take what's mine
Kill em up kill em all, watch em all fall down
Tomorrow ain't promised, to a single soul
Get it right now nigga, cause the game is cold
For a mold I'm have it, all in my hand
Having the last laugh, pulling plots and scams

[Hook - 2x]

[Mr. 3-2]
It's a thin line, between life and death
Go for self, long as a nigga got breath
Take steps make moves, to get to the top
Punching the clock, best believe the streets is hot
Who can I trust, which way shall I turn
Weed to burn, feeling like nobody concerned
Money to earn, trap steady pulling it in
Chances and risks, I'ma duck and dodge the pen
My life my sins, forgive me for what I've done
Putting in work, giving game to my son
Raw and rough, the road I walk one deep
So much I gotta do, no time to sleep
Making a better way, for the sun to shine
No rules out here, when I get it and grind
Money on my mind, the American way
Hustling, in my blood with no time to play

[Hook - 2x]

Ha-ha-ha, Bizzy Boy
I make the rules, I change the rules
And keep playing this how it go
Ha-ha Fat Daddy, Fatt Domino
Mo'fucker, we done hold court in the street
Get your ass beat, and get your teeth kicked in
Mo'fucker, what it is baby