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Artist: Mr. 3-2 f/ 24-7
Album:  Fatt Domino
Song:   Sitting High
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[Mr. 3-2]
Sitting high in the sky, bout twenty feet tall
Mr. 3-2, always known to ball
And I crawl down block, most every day
With little ol' broads, they got cock for pay
Hey hey, it's the Fat Daddy
Pimpin' Chris, and I stay in a caddy
Big rocks on my wrist, that blind like Stevie
Hit em with the mule, and now she won't leave me
It's the way, that playa's ball
Creep and I crawl, while I'm bouncing a ball
Won't fall on feet, I climbed up the ladder
Since my pockets look fatter
Don't matter, cause I'm sitting up high
Way too fly, watch when I ride by
Suit and tie bidness, about my bread
Never been scared, touch another big head

[Hook - 4x]
Sitting high high, high in the sky
Twenty feet up, watch when I ride by

These yella's like C, yeah Don ring the alarm
Asking am I screwed up, cause they see me with Sean
Naw me I'm just bubbling, doubling wrists cuddling
Scuttling on a mash, cause it's paper we huddling
Tortoise like, for torturous with this pen I rhyme
Down South in your face, bitch it's dinner time
I don't know you homie, you ain't no kin of mine
With a dime 24-7, I'm passed the finish line
Convalescence, over adolescent mind gone
Riding chrome two tone, got her mind blown
Who'd of thunk, that I'd be sitting in a trophy truck
Seats punking, and I'm pumping on a coconut
I let the banger potent, fuck with a passion
Them niggaz ain't real temps, them niggaz harass em
Like Thug 1 does, bitch I'm speaking with no pause
She do it for the cause, leave em leaking out they draws

[Hook - 4x]

[Mr. 3-2]
I ain't know you, was that trashy ashy
Get raw dogged nice, if it cash ashy
I'm classy, riding on brand new chrome
Smoke going in the sky, everything all gone
ATL California, did a piece
Know I'm a beast, out here on these streets
Drop out get down, pull up valet
Fresh off the highway, counting up big pay
Patron to the dome, blue and blue smoke
Big more than choke, on expensive dope
Set float, looking down on everythang
Married to the game, I'm out here humping it mayn
Same thang get your lock, get your pay for real
Fool better feel real, go and get a quick mill
Quick bang, 'fore it's over with
And you outta there, looking like a bitch

[Hook - 4x]