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Artist: Mr. Lif
Album:  Mo' Mega
Song:   Long Distance
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[intro skit plays for first 28 seconds]

[Mr. Lif]
Well I've arrived, finally it's been a long time
Spent way too many days and nights with you on my mind
The phone's been our portal, to transport immortal
Thoughts were cordial, that is of course until I got informal
You're a sweet girl, I'm caught up in your energy now
And I'm a nice guy who lurks behind a devious smile
Put my bags down, I see your inhibitions glisten
I've been wishin, to tell you couple things so listen
Oh your roommate's home now? Your mutual friend's over?
Since I know ya tighten my grip and pull you closer
Let's keep it quick, move swift and handle this
Grade your behavior as I deduct from my analysis
Move smooth to the living room, what up son? You's my Ace Boon
Hey hun, life's treatin you well I presume?
It's just small talk, to kill a little time
Bring that Corona over, and yeah I'll take a bit of lime
Thank you - I'm chivalrous, kind and holdin it down
But deep down you knew I wasn't fuckin around
Now I've got everybody laughin so I drink and sit back
See you smilin as you're drownin in our eye contact
Got a sea of thoughts that wash up on the shore of what you adore
You got real shy and turned your eyes to the floor
I got you, the tension's mega-advanced
You make one false move and I'll be seizin my chance
Oh you fucked up leavin goin to the kitchen
Headed to the sink to put a dirty dish in
I excuse myself and follow
Knowin I won't see you both until tomorrow
Sorry no regrets, no sorrow
Walk behind you slow, wrap my arm around your waist
Use my hand to grab your chin and put my lips on side of your face
Whisper follow me, take your hand and guide you to the bathroom
Shut the door, not a fuckin word or it's doom

[Chorus 2X: Mr. Lif]
We're long distance, we've been by the telephone waitin
It's frustratin, I'm runnin out of patience
Next time, we shouldn't stay away for so long
But for now we're strictly business, when I see you it's on

[Mr. Lif]
Turn around, put your hands on the sink and don't blink
If you feel the urge to hesitate, rethink
It's clear to me that you lack discipline
I said to keep it brief, you weren't listenin?
I show you, you should never do this again
Lift her skirt, lick her inner knee to inner thigh
See her via mirror, looked her dead in the eye
I told her don't move, don't breathe, don't flinch
Don't move an inch, cause if you do it's punishment!
Pulled down her underwear, put my mouth where she was already ready
Lickin that pussy I'm forever deadly
Made her wriggle 'til she almost broke my finger so I figure
let me see if she can handle what I give her when within her
Enter, push it way to the back
Lookin in the mirror focusin on how she react
Her bottom lip hangin lookin so supple
You shouldn't make me wait before I fuck you
so now you grip the sink with white knuckles
And your legs shakin, mind lost within the penetration
It's so brutal, gentle, carnal
You're worried cause you don't know if I'll please you or harm you
That's when I bite the back of your neck and then your arms too
Grindin, and soon enough I feel your pussy tighten, you're cummin
Moanin slap the counter and you're strugglin
I embrace you, pull your body close to my chest
And then I taste you, I'm not finished relievin our stress
Then she turned to me and asked me, "Don't you wanna get yours?"
I said, "Yeah I'm 'bout to take you to the bedroom for more"


"Mmm you're one hell of a man!" {*4X*}