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Artist: Mr. Lif
Album:  Emergency Rations
Song:   The Unorthodox
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[Verse 1]
Mic check, check check check
Here's some funky fresh hip hop shit for 3000
Long after we've laid to waste all areas surrounding
Bass pounding, souls jumping, and you're pumping your fist
You've never heard a stiff body ripping like this
See I was stripped of my identity, conquered by the enemy
And now I'm faceless in the 21st century
You may kind of vaguely remember me, or maybe not
What it Ted or was it Scott, homo sapien or robot?
Serial number: aye carumba
So you look at me real deep in my eyes and then wonder
Hold up, I still have important things to say
I go home and watch news after stagnating all day
Just press play, cool out sit back and relax
And gobble up another earful of these undelivered raps
And just think that perhaps what we think matters
Delve into yourself and rediscover once forbidden data

(Spoken) Oh golly Lif that was really special
On the positive tip right? Well uh let me ask you-
As a matter of fact kid, why don't you hold up one second
and let my DJ get busy on this shit - go on Fakts
(Spoken) Ho hum, ho hum
Yo that was fresh, now what were you saying, man?
You've been gone for a while, no one's seen you
What you been doing during your hiatus, man?

[Verse 2]
I sat back, I drank beers, I shed tears
I react, I see traps, I eats raps such as kneecaps
Scapula, clavicle, I call this ?????
Bones by the barrel-full, great meal nigga, I'm rather full
This section, digestion, blood rushes to intestines
When we met I left a negative impression
Yet another state of metamorphosis
I'm off keel, please pardon my awkwardness
Here, let me start with this: here's a hint like ?????
Let's calculate what you think my mental net profit is
Patience, something I was forced to learn
You must truly tap into yourself to make the records turn
So here I go, words make wind blow
I change the world from looking through my window
Angle, strangle any sucker duck
My mind done went outside and fucked him up
You picked the wrong street nigga you're outta luck


(Spoken)Oh man that was like totally dope
Thanks man
You know I MC too?
Well you know what?  I eat motherfuckers how's that?
As a matter of fact beat it kid
I eat niggaz for real yo check this shit out

[Spoken Skit]
Testimony #2A (Insight)
Testimony #2B (El-P)