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Artist: Mr. Capone-E
Album:  Don't Get it Twisted
Song:   Be a Model
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Chorus: Fingazz
You should be a model
I'll bet you hear that all the time
Got the body of a goddess
Face like an angel
Girl, I'm being honest
I can see you up
On the cover of a magazine

Repeat Chorus

[Mr. Capone-E]
(Verse 1)
Back again, baby
It's your daddy, Capone
I'm fascinated by your looks, and I'll be your lavron
Check out this little song
I wrote with a passion
You were sent from above, and you look so attractive
Now let me ask you if you've done a little modellin'
Been around the world, cat-walkin', done a little travellin'
I been scoping out your beauty
You look so fly
Did I see you on a movie?
Shoot me with an arrow, got the body of a goddess
A face like a angel
And I'm just being honest
You're so fly with your mack and Chanel
Might as well take a cruisin' to islands, bumpin' some Pharrell

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 2)
I swear I'd seen you on a Gucci magazine
Or was it the Lowrider
Next to the '63
Or was it Cover Girl, it don't really matter
I'm flattered by your smile
And your lips make it better
Settle down, as I take you on a little trip
Sexy pre-madonna to the world, choose a
Fly like the wings of a plane
From the heavens up above
You the thunder and the rain
Sittin' down, watching every move that you make
You shoppin' at Tiffany's, you make no mistake, hun
You're so hood, you so hood, you so commercial
Damn girl
You gots the makin's of a model

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 3)
I can see you on a magazine, and that's no doubt
I could see you as Miss Universe, with your crown
I could see you in lingerie
Walking that ramp
I could see wearin' a bikini at the Sunshine Dance
Do I did it? {*whistling*}
You're so damn pretty
Walking the red carpet with ya custom Armani
Mahogany dress, you're looking so fresh
Like a rose from the garden, you standin' out from the rest
Dressed to impress all around the world
With your nice silky skin, and your diamonds and pearls
If I had one wish from a genie in a bottle
I ask for a girl like you, just like a model

Repeat Chorus Twice