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Artist: Mr. Lil' One f/ Baby Bash/Baby Beesh, Don Cisco
Album:  Keep It Clean
Song:   Yeah Yeah Yeah
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[Mr. Lil' One]
That's right, Lil' One (Ha ha, that's right)
Baby Beesh, homeboy (Let 'em know)
Yeah (Ha ha)
Let's get it Houston, homey, doin' their thang (That's right)
Homie, fuck these hoes, man (Fuck bitches)
Yeah, you love me, I know that, bitch (Fuck bitches)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Ha ha ha ha (Yeah)
You all ain't shit, fuck you up, lookin' like this (I'll fuck you up)
For real, yo

[Verse 1: Mr. Lil' One]
Started off a long time ago, sittin' in the city
Bitches showin' off my name tatted on they titty (Lil' One)
Little booty lookin' pretty
My attitude is shitty
I'm interested in nothin', but fuckin' up the kitty
I fuck 'em
I leave 'em
Deceive 'em
Tell you, "I'm an asshole," believe him
What am I do, dog?
You know the game
Open up their legs, all these bitches look the same
Same groupie little bitches
Lookin' so delicious
I'm the sickest, I'm pointin' where my dick is
You know what to do?
Slutty bitch hoe
No, you've never done this before?
Then where'd you learn that, bitch?
I didn't teach you
Don't make me beat you, the first day I meet you (Fuck you up)
I reached you with my hand on my nuts
Give my nuts to your mouth, for raisin' you a slut

[Female]       I love you
[Mr. Lil' One] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
[Female]       I need you
[Mr. Lil' One] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
[Female]       Don't you want me
[Mr. Lil' One] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
[Female]       Don't you trust me
[Mr. Lil' One] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Baby Bash]
Another day, another peso, from the H-Town, to Dego
From the V-Town, to Weko, they bitches give it a pay-ho
But hey, hoe
Go fill your titties up with Playdoe
Talkin' about, "Bash, can I jump on your payroll?"
But say, hoe, why don't you shave that hairy navel
Bend over on the table, let me bust a Fado
Hasta la luego, whatever your name is
She only wanted pee-pee cause she thought, I was famous
She's a groupie
She can't sue me
Got her on tape with three fingers in her coochie
Passin' me the doobie, lookin' for the lighter
Beggin' me to bust a fat nut, up inside her

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Verse 3: Don Cisco]
These groupie sluts ain't shit, but some penetration
So I treat 'em just some dick, and feed 'em conversation
Teaching to hit licks, tricks and set up connections
Bitch, ain't we gettin' rich ain't worth the inch of my erection
Same goes for you rich independent
Upper class bitches with cash, too stinky to spend it
No, I ain't a captain with a cape on
Flyin' through the air, tryin' to
Handcuff and save 'em
Me and Baby Bash from the
Smash-A-Hoe nation
Don Cisco
Frisco Mex, my occupation
Break 'em
Shake 'em (Then it's)
Check out time
Get your broke ass back to the welfare line
Lazy hoes don't get no sympathy
And ain't no females
Pimpin' me, hun
So I took the whippy hooker downstairs
And shook her left in the hotel, I'll be lookin' for my producer
Suckers, what you used to
But fuck that
I only get with stripper chicks and boosters
To kick in chips
When they choose ya
I know you a money pimp
You like to suck it up
Like a Hoover

Repeat Chorus Twice

I love you
I need you
Don't you want me
Don't you trust me
I love you
I need you
Don't you want me
Don't you trust me