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Artist: Mr. Shadow f/ Baby Beesh
Album:  A Name You Kant Touch
Song:   We Fucking Tonight
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[Mr. Shadow]
I'm high, drunk, fucked up and then some
Got your hoes telling me to undress 'em
Ain't that a bitch, right in front of her man
And she don't give a mad fuck about that ring on her hand
It's 2002, what am I to do
These hoes are under sur, I gotta stay true
Ima fool, loc'd up, slow your roll up
If your a hating ass trick I hope you show up
For what, so I can take your hood rat
And prove that she's lying when she says she don't do that
Now who's that nut on top of your bitch
On top of the game, still with an untouchable name
Now let me tell you

[Chorus: 2x]
If your a hoe, then I'm a slut babe
We fucking tonight, we fucking tonight

[Baby Beesh]
I'm fresh out the cut, it's the number one slut
It's the trampasuars rex in a coke white dress
All about his fedichini, it's Baby Basherenie
Got the hoes at the club in G-string bikini
Let em know, let em know, we ain't about fussin'
You come to da party then it's all about trustin'
Ohh my my, ohh hell yeah
Baby fuck me down 'till I need a wheel chair
Put something in the air
Like some ass or some mota
Now she wanna tattoo my name on her torta
Hehehe, I'ma cold motherfucker
Hook her to the left, bust a nut on the cover


Engine, engine, number nine
On the West Coast transit line
If I bust a nut in your mouth
Drink it up, drink it up, drink it up

[Mr. Shadow]
You all ready now the get down
Haters let me see you talk shit now
I'm laughing out loud at you cowards in the crowds
Cause you know that I was fucking in your bed
With my dick in your bitch's mouth
How you like the sound of that guppy
It ain't my fault that your girl want to fuck me
It wasn't me, no wait, I think it was
Chiko got the pictures she took with me and E-Dub
And she loves it, her and her cousin
Whether she sober or buzzin'
White Russians and a whole lotta weed
From the 6-1-9 to the 2-1-3, ha

[Chorus 2x]