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Artist: Ms. Dynamite
Album:  Judgement Days
Song:   Mr. Prime Minister
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

How much hundred seats in parliament
Its so unfair but so clear
Don't none of them represent me
And aint one of them represent my peers
And it don't matter who we vote for, nor who gets in
The poor keep dying and the rich keep living
Mothers keep losing their children to the system
They stay strong while we remain victims
Telling us to hope for higher things
Educate yourself aint that how ya'll say it
But they keep increasing the fee
Knowing full well that we cant pay it
And did you stop and listen before you started dishing
Our tax for ammunition to kill innocent children
When right in front of you we cant cope
We hungry, homeless, unemployed and broke
Were dying, the health service is a joke
You said things would change when you wanted our votes

But it stays the same
Mr. Prime Minister
And we continue to die
Mr. Prime Minister
Not a damn thing changed
Mr. Prime Minister
Nobody hears our cries

When my life's a threat
They tell me run go call police
But yet who's gonna protect me from the beasts
They aint got my interest at heart
They aint my friends
Aint got a enemy alive as evil as the system
So much corruption and this gun shit wont end
And all they sit and f***ing do is blame 50 Cent
Please, now take responsibility
Who's putting them runs on our streets
And who's pumping drugs into our community
Controlling the propaganda on my T.V.
And who's molding our children's ideologies
And taking away their opportunity
Were killing each other so we can live above our means
Cause what we earn cant even buy a fraction of our dreams
And wonder why so many have become fiends
Its so hard to live poor and keep your hands clean
So I am keeping mind together
And pray that god forgives my sins
Its real hard living the life were living

[Repeat Chorus]