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Artist: Ms. One f/ Black Milk, Rapper Big Pooh
Album:  Georgia Anna Muldrow Presents... Ms.One & The Gang
Song:   2 MCs
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[Black Milk]
Listen, uh
Lights, camera, I'm so nice like polite manners
Flow's nice as soon as I touch the mic handle
Uh, the gun blam, it'll leave a murder scene
The son of Sam of Hip Hop, I murder everything
I'm from the city where niggas is aping, ain't shit
Niggas guerrilla, get you for your bathing ape kicks
Uh, pray shit, they say I'm Hollywood
I tape flicks and sign autographs on babe's tits
Uh, I can't sleep, I'm on the grind, I'm hungry
Take a risk, put it all on the line like laundry
You can't call me and try to harm me
I'll make you a dead man walking like zombies
Like +Mike+ in +Thriller+, my rhyme sketch
is like a movie scene, I fight the villain
Hah, back on board, game fell off track
so I put it back on court, yeah

[Rapper Big Pooh]
A lot of pressure building up in my chest plate
Niggas begging for the album, said they can't wait
You hear the rumours dog, I like to call it bait
My fam on the horn asking bout my mind state
The mind's great, I'm sharper than I ever been
I'm on the beach overseas sipping Serafin
Ain't no need for you to question if I ever been
homie from the bottom that you learn to ascend
I transcend any clique, rap's Agent Zero
I was last when they picked, now prepare for it
I don't cry over milk spilt
Place my fitted on tilt and keep stepping like a champ
The prize winner, the victor
Leading man posing in your girl's pictures, get yours
I'm out here doing the same
Got my mind on the money, I don't need the fame, ya dig?