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Artist: Meth Ghost Rae
Album:  Wu-Massacre
Song:   Mef vs. Chef 2
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yo, blow my nose for me, man
Word up, man (fuck them)

Spit in your mouth, piss on your bitch
We them wrist getters, everything real bout this, duke
You fucking with them niggas that's splashed up, slave master's master
Dumb move, blast your slut
We want it all, living in Persia, burn something
Snow White rose, bulldog ershkama
Yo take that, drive that around the corner

[Method Man]
Yeah, shit on your crew, nigga, it's Wu
Rap athletes, the trap sheet bigger than you
If you ask me, the Cash Rule
Nigga, eat that pussy, you cat food
I sneeze on the track, get at you
I'm sick in the head, I'm getting some head
If she ain't bout getting some bread, don't get in this bed
Real talk, mami, you gotta bounce

Wild like Indians, Al Capone-ians
Not from Chicago, my gun named Margo
It's only when we in beef, we humble in deep
Might kill four-five niggas, die in my sleep
I argue though, who the best, we hardly know
I came through in the S, wash me, yo
Yo, yo, do that for me, go around that car

[Method Man]
Niggas, digging they nose, and digging they ass
When I got chips, can't none of ya'll dig in my bag
I pop shit, my killas is black, I got chicks that got chicks
My real world realer than rap
I'm hot, bitch, material, Meth, beyond lyrical
Wake up every morning eat that Captain Crunch cereal
That's that shit right there

Dick game super, grupa fish, Cris' Krug' lottos
I'mma bring it back, one wish
Fresh to death, I'm always, always Rae in the hallways
Yeah, always stay
Ya'll rappers gon' feel my pain, but the other way around
When it's going down, I'm gon' rain
That's my chair, nigga, get the fuck out of it

[Method Man]
Yo, fuck you, pay me, if Dirt Dog could see me now
He'd probably say "Fuck you, pay me"
Blowing smoke clouds, shit's crazy
Doorag your dome, get wavy, rap ain't done shit for me lately
It's ass backwards, this game trynna play me
I bet this never happens to Jay-Z
Get money, fuck them haters, real talk

Pay me, play me, weigh he, just the right measurement
This may happen in a day, G
I'mma keep it real, for real G's, niggas is lame
Industry pussies, we can't feel these
Regardless that I'm paid in flossy, rich in the mind
I do this for the nine niggas who forced me
Ya'll niggas is playing me, man